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  • Me too.

    Well, I'm learning Greek Past Tense, but it's not exactly exciting.
    Hmm, I'd rather you not. I like to colour my own work. Don't mean to be rude or anything, but I'd rather just colour it myself~
    Arylettopia is a small country, small population.

    Pencil Land has a population of one, since the Pencil Smith lives there alone. X3 However, the country in which Pencil Land is in, Ladragia, has a big bustling population. And is covered in cities, with one forest, which leads to the Pencil Smith's Cave where Pencil Land is.

    Arylettopians are like normal people. They can have any colour of hair, skin, etc. And Arylettopia is very diverse, lots of different kinds of people and personality.
    Sorry. I haven't been in a spriting mood for a while. I will update the adoptables eventually. Sorry again.
    You're cursed. And I'll accept your friend request as soon as I find the damn thing.
    http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x256/chaostres/QuestionMark.png[/IMG*](Remove the star)
    I did the question mark in case anyone want to use it as their avatar or profile pic.
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