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  • They do! Adults only weight two pounds. ;u;

    Frogs can be pretty cute! But they can also be really ugly.
    I can't even. I need to hug a cat, wehhhh. I saw one of these yesterday and oh my god, I could hardly take it.
    Awwwww. :3 I love cats so much. Even just hearing about them makes me happy. And wow! I used to have a dog that did that once, but from the ground (the bird was flying pretty low). The bird died. :(

    Oh my god, that sounds so cute! What colours are they?
    Alright! I'll make sure to show you! I considered changing it to this guy because I am infatuated with him (he's my OC), but no. I cannot.

    Really? :o I love cats so much! I saw a fishing cat today and hrrngh. ;_; What are your cats like?
    Oh! I was wondering, your avatar credit still says it's a Yugi-Oh!. It looks like a really interesting character! I'm not into the franchise yet, but I plan to try it whenever I can!

    And no. I don't wear hats like that, my hair is brown, and it's substantially shorter than that. I'm working on a self-portrait, though, and I plan to make it my avatar whenever I finish.

    Slightly unrelated, there are so many cats outside my house and I just want to hug them all. I wish my mom weren't allergic.
    Well, it's good to know that you aren't doing particularly bad! And good to know you're feeling better! Depression is hard to get over.

    And that's really cool! What grade are you in?
    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I've just been learning JavaScript on Khan Academy in my freetime! Otherwise I've been doing school.

    How has life been in general?
    Hi! You don't seem to get too many Visitour Messages. :( You seem really cool though! How are you?
    It allowed me to find an episode I'd wished to see because of its description on Wikipedia even though I couldn't find it elsewhere on the Internet because it was one of the last English-dubbed episodes and so I had to watch a sub instead but it was still available. So, yes.
    Hey, thanks! That means a lot considering the Hamtaro videos are my first (and only so far) video LP.
    Ah, good, got there in the end. Enjoy your Cyndaquil! Btw, you don't need pokérus, do you?
    Urgh, yeah, the last I time I checked your online status I had missed you by six minutes, ha. I think my timezone is five hours ahead of you, judging by one of your previous messages. Would you be able to get online at around sixpm tomorrow? That should be at 11pm for me, which I can do.
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