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  • Indeed, it kind of scares me. Also, I'm on a dead for typing that guide. I have everything to do it, but... no motivation right now to finish. It will get done, though.
    Thanks again for all the help!

    You should be good to remove the spoiler tag in your sig. Lirris was probably thinking of the newer versions of vB, where spoilers can be hidden via button. :D
    Double checked the list and it looks to be right. Also, edited my previous post a bit to take up less space. Added some links for that might come in handy. Uh, not sure if Kyurem should be listed as 'all formes' or 'normal, Black, and White' formes, since there's been some speculation that there might be more formes. Will update Meloetta with its formes, too.
    Yeah, that sounds great! I'm not online everyday, so having someone who usually is would be super helpful. I'll probably double check the list, too, since I kind of skimmed through the thread when I first made it. Thanks again!
    Oh wow. Thanks for adding my super long list to your signature. I plan on updating it regularly, but it doesn't hurt to have someone else to do the same. :D
    Alright. I'm going to post an Agents/Fairies one because I finally got a build for it that works! You'll be posting Wind-Ups as #16, right?
    I've coerced inuzuka and another member of our Xbox Live Clan to join DK! They're good guys, I know them personally as well, so I can vouch for them as Duelists as well! Especially Zero, he runs Chaos as his best Deck type! And by that I mean the Envoys! Both of which it took to beat my Custom Deck!
    Hey, can you do an overview of Gladiator Beasts and/or Ninjas for Deck Guides in the Duelist Kingdom group?
    Hah, I related to Light so much, it was scary! But I related to other aspects of L at the same time, so it was really interesting!
    That's true. But when you watch it Ryuk doesn't recognize him as Light, and if Shinigami are deceased humans Ryuk should know.

    Were you rooting for Light or L?
    I don't think he looks very much like Light, personally, but eh, it's an interesting theory!
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