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  • I will soon! I'm having a hard time thinking/deciding. Also, I still need to get around to adding those new pics to mah siggy. After class. And I found an AT OP crossover pic that's already uploaded to the wiki. Anywho, Baiz for nao!

    some of the moderators brought us donuts and cupcakes~ it was lovely, and we rocked :D

    even if my Hodel had too much sugar and started goofing around backstage during Anatevka xD
    Nya! (I've started saying it in real life :P)
    OMG! Your avatar is falling!
    Umm... I had actually planned on saying something, but I forgot what it was... so I'll say:
    .... I honestly don't remember. I actually say it a lot IRL.
    Along with my new favorite greeting, "YO 'SUP PLAYUH"
    ... Meep.

    you want incredible
    well here's a thing
    I actually feel guilty about something which doesn't happen often
    what's worse is, is that it's a dude in my class that's torturing me urgggggh
    same dude that likes me, mind you, and I don't know why he does, so I feel kind of bad I said no to him twice

    ... Oh, and I watched Footloose! Go Willard! :D
    The tag in the "Don't you feel the power?" thing in your sig is broken.
    Have you heard Bakura's voice? Or Marik's? Sweet mama Jama, I was all like "f'what the brick" when I first heard it.
    Which was after I watched all of YGOTAS.
    .... By the way, the word "Atemmy" is now officially weird to me. I don't know why, but... Urgh. *shivers*
    ALSO. I'm fine, how are you?
    Mmmmmmmmmm...plausasdbfhjklasbih <something I don't know how to spell

    Me no magician. Me no spell.

    Me is fine.
    Hey Spunky. Can you check out my Pokemon Platinum Let's Play on here? It's in Otehr Creativity. Frankly, it is much better than the White comic. Nothing offensive in the Platinum one! So, could you please check it out?
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