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  • We'll see next time haha. Loads of people said they'd be interested in a 2nd tournament. I sort of have an idea planned for it too, but works better if SuMo isn't released. :'D 6 Pokémon, 1 Pokémon from each generation of Pokémon. :o
    I just really like Rain Dance! Hurricane happens to be a really effective move for that weather condition - Whimsicott was another valid Pokémon choice for me because of it. :D Though you'll have to teach me your ways if I'm ever to actually get good at participating in my own tournaments. :p
    Pbbt, well I wouldn't have said it were good for me. :p That's probably the worst I've done this tournament! ...at least my Shiftry setup actually kind of worked?
    Hrm, I don't think I even managed to KO one of your Pokémon there haha. I thought I'd do a little better but, never mind. :'D
    So evidently, after testing a few Wonder Trades, this connection seems to be working a LOT better!
    Hello! Sorry, I literally only just caught this message now. I still need to test my DS with my WiFi but, I'll take a look right now and if all is well, I should be good to battle.
    I think that time should be fine, but I'll let you know in advance if it's not for whatever reason!
    I move back to University this Monday upcoming, if you were free either then or on Tuesday evening for our EXTREME BATTLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! (...provided that my uni house's wifi isn't also a travesty).
    It was an error trying to connect to WiFi in the first place. I'll let you know when I'm back there. Fingers crossed things will go well but if not then I'll just have to forfeit! Looking at your current win records I feel like I'm not going to fare well anyway. :p
    Yeaaaah so I think the router settings were recently reconfigured and they're now incompatible with this 3DS. It's not my router so there's not a great deal I can do about it so we can either wait until I'm back at university which happens just before the deadline of the competition, or I could just forfeit because of said issue. I'm reluctant to boot and reboot the box repeatedly until it works because there are other people using the Internet currently. Sorry. :/ It's a little outside of my control right now.
    Hey! Are you around to battle? I might need to wrestle with my connection but I am available!
    Hey! Sorry I missed you. As it happened, I was just heading out of my house anyway when you messaged. I'll be around for most of today just lurking so just keep trying to grab me haha.
    All of those times you've suggested should be fine, touch wood. I'll keep an eye out for you!
    Yep, I should be ready now. Lemme just plug in my 3ds.

    My in game name is Haf and I'm a hex maniac
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