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  • Ah! Thanks for the extra dex entry!

    (I was trying to figure out how to ask you if you needed Lunala's dex entry, but the dialogue choices weren't expressive enough...)
    Okay, they're both hatched! If you have time, would you mind also helping me evolve my Magmar? :O
    Whoops, I uh, put my last extra Oranguru up on the GTS because I was only a few Pokémon away from completing the Akala Pokédex. I'll breed one now!

    edit: While I'm at it, I'll breed a Drampa, too. Do you have a Turtonator? (I don't particularly mind if you don't.)
    sorry to pester.
    also that probably means i'll respond in the morning.
    Timezones, yo.
    i was just wondering if you were working on the reffing of the longer-named battle royal, or if there's been inactive scum
    Oh yeah, it's been on my mind but, my life has been exams of late. @3@ It's all over now so hopefully I can begin considering other things. Today's gonna be spent just doing all the random crap which I didn't do over the last month or so. :'D
    Yes, I would love to! I have, however, been caught in the middle of my midsessional exams! It's been manic. My last one is tomorrow so I should have the time to sort out the new WiFi league over the next week and shall get in touch with Kratos about it after finishing. :-) Did you have any ideas you wanted to throw in? They're always more than welcome. :o
    Let me know when you're online and we can do the trade! I'll try to remember to keep an eye on the forums.
    Yeah, it's a huge pain. Missions seem especially buggy; there'll be no missions, and then you'll host your own and suddenly it'll start alerting you to a flood of other missions going on at the time.

    I've beaten the game and don't yet have a Dawn Stone, so that's not surprising. :p Not sure if I just missed it or if you can only get one in post-game.
    It sure is annoying when the game spontaneously disconnects you from the internet while telling you that you're still connected. I disconnected and reconnected again, but now I can't find you in my guest list.
    I think we're probably requesting each other at the same time, haha. Try again?
    Yep! If you connect to the internet, I'll find you on my guest list and send a request. (edit: that's me right now.)
    I'm online in the festival plaza right now, and I'll just kind of leave my 3ds that way for a while. If you happen to come online feel free to send me a trade request!
    I'm currently dealing with a bunch of college app stuff. I think the trade'll have to wait till January, unfortunately ^^;
    Hey uh
    What happened to the battle royal, did everyone get dq'd or something
    Hey, i totally forgot to switch my squad around before you made the battle thread. I'm super sorry to have to ask this of you, but do you think you might be able to recreate the thread/battle?
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