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  • Ahh! Good luck, have fun, safe travels and all that!! :D

    I'll let you know! I'm mostly thinking about my next job right now but... there is a possibility for some gap travel in between. We'll see! Thanks for the invite either way, I appreciate it!
    So I never answered your message in the travel thread! I didn't end up going anywhere unfortunately; I felt unprepared for a big trip I guess. I did get to go see some friends living elsewhere in the US and was at home for several family things, so that was good.

    As much as I like the idea of traveling alone, I think I am really nervous about it. I did a few day trips by myself in Italy, but I was there generally with a group so it wasn't as big of a deal. I'd like to drag my family overseas with me, but I doubt they would want to heh!

    Hope your trip/trip planning is going well!
    Oh, I think that's because the thread link never got pasted. It's supposed to be right at the top. I'll just close that one too, hahah.
    I haven't 'seen Irritated Fern online in quite some time, unfortunately..... You Might have to cancel that challenge anyhow...
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound, so thanks! Also thanks for the adorable pencils! Sorry your own gift is taking so long; it's not being... very cooperative. Still plugging away at it, though!

    How'd your FPO go, by the way? Is school finally DONE FOREVER?
    Yeah, it really does suck, but it's also a nice incentive, in a way; if you win, you get more of the benefit of using the team you made.
    Eh... I lost the first round... Yeah...
    To be fair, though, I ended up doing better than I thought the first half of the battle; the second half, though, everything just fell apart... But, now I know what to improve on, at least!
    Yeah, MtG's artwork is always gorgeous. Did you ever get a chance to see any of the panels Dan Dos Santos has done at DragonCon? Watching him do even quick speedpaints and sketches is friggin' amazing.

    Eesh, I hadn't thought about all the travel prep on top of the school stuff, but I'm sure you'll get through it, and hopefully with minimal screaming! The vacation's going to be one hell of a reward for all that hard work, that's for sure.

    Out of curiosity, do you think you'll be moving back to the same area when you return from your globetrotting, or will you be looking to set down roots somewhere else?
    Well, seeing as you're going to be getting a substantial amount of ref money... can I get my cash for the Biodiversity Initiative before the battle is over, for the EXP gain, or do i need to wait until after the battle is over, in case it goes stale or some crap like that?
    Dude, did you seriously take a fourth battle?
    Are you okay? Do you need, like, a coffee or something?
    Haven't bought them yet, no—the bulk of the birthday money's actually coming a little later this month, I assume, since we're having a little gathering for my birthday/one of my cousins'. (Unless they mailed it, in which case... uh-oh. :/) I do definitely like having big books full of pretty artwork and so on, yeah! Also getting the hardcovers off Amazon is like $20 cheaper than getting just the full sets of PDFs from Paizo themselves, sooooo...

    Have you ever played PTU, out of curiosity? I've never really taken a look at it myself, aside from being generally aware that it exists, heh.

    You're very welcome! Your present's gonna be a little late, unfortunately, but hopefully it'll be ready soon! In the meantime, really, enjoy the free time you've gained after finishing that thesis (!!!!!!) That's got to be an incredible feeling, heh. You just have the FPO left, right? So cloooooose...
    happy birthday
    i'd get you something in asb but i kinda sorta just spent all of my money on a pokemon
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