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  • Wow! Thanks for getting the rounds out so quick!

    But I think its Redneck who's supposed to go next
    Commands posted! Also, I was reading the other battles and saw in Porygon2's and RedneckPhoenix's battle, it seems Kung Fu Furret is allowed to post commands next! I'm sure you'll see it next time you log in :) but just in case you see this first.

    That sounds awesome! I hope you get great weather! That sounds magical for sure - learning about those things in books/documentaries is one thing, but actually getting to see them would be incredible. I'm from the midwest and I imagine getting to visit a real live rainforest must be so surreal!

    Oof, I'm glad nothing too bad has happened yet, that sucks about the food poisoning though! I've probably said this before but I think it's really cool that you're doing this - I think I love the idea of it, especially getting to learn first hand about all these things you've probably never seen before, but also love the idea of staying at home and reading/playing games haha.

    At the end of July, I ended up quitting my job and moving back home with my parents. A number of factors led up to it - I was having trouble looking for another job while working there, and the job was really not having a good effect on me. Most days I felt completely drained and demotivated, and I didn't have much in the way of friends to keep me busy there. I've been back about two months now and haven't done a lot of searching or applying - I've got enough saved up and I don't have to pay rent, but I am starting to feel the urgency creep back in. It is a little alarming, after having a regular paycheck, to still see student loan bills and the like to pay without anything coming in!

    I'm working on an application for a different kind of job - I really can't see myself staying in engineering right now. It's possible that I'm just really burnt from my last job, but I also feel like I'd do so much better in something like student affairs. And I have so many dreams for my own creative businessy things on the side, but honestly I think that's going to have to wait until I find a more stable job, so I don't worry about making ends meet. Ahhh!
    Yeah, it was good! Not sure whether you browsed Tumblr for very long when you posted that fanart (very nice!), but I found another Pikachu in the vendor hall :D Also finally dragged myself out of bed early enough to watch the parade for once, which was pretty cool. I took a bunch of pictures that I could probably throw online somewhere if you wanted to see them (although most of them turned out fuzzier than I'd thought they had, boo).

    And thanks for the postcards, by the way! The family sends their thanks, too. Sorry I didn't say so sooner; I'm still garbage at emails. D: But I hope you had fun in South Africa and Iceland, and wherever you are now!
    if i may be so bold, can i request that the next reffing you do after this one be for the Battle Royal tournament? that is, unless someone hasn't sent in their commands or something.
    I'll do my best to learn quickly, then. I appreciate you working so hard to keep the whole thing running. Hopefully I can be of some help soon!
    Hey, I noticed that you mentioned trying to get the ASB section revved up. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. It seems really cool and I'm excited to get into it!
    Oh, cool, I'd heard of that webcomic before but for some reason I didn't think it was active. That artwork is really gorgeous!
    Yeah I'd mostly forgotten about ASB. Haven't been on the forums in months. I'm not really super obsessed with winning anymore so I'll post something I guess. Very busy this week though.
    Sure - I'll be fairly busy at least until June, but if VM's interested in continuing the battle, I'd be too!
    For personal reasons I'm not particularly keen on picking up where we left off, but as a matter of principle I also don't want to forfeit. So I guess you can sign me up. Hehe!
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