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  • Happy birthday to you too! I have some Salvage fanart for you - nothing too glorious, but it's a thing.
    I've actually got a couple available for both Pathfinder and D&D, although the ones I'm particularly interested in I don't actually have yet because I'm hoping I can grab the hardcover collectors' editions with birthday money, heh. I don't know the specifics aside from none of them (as far as I'm aware) being entirely dragon-centric, but I am led to believe the two hardcover Pathfinder ones do have at least some dragon involvement, yes. I'd be surprised if the D&D storm giant one didn't have a couple of scaly friends in it somewhere, too.

    One of the hardcover ones is pretty standard kitchen-sink D&D-esque adventuring, with ruins and lost civilizations and evil wizards and goblin attacks and probably a dragon (...I think the same one that you and Kerry fought in that one-shot I ran with you guys a couple of cons ago, actually?). The other one is mostly in a single big city and there's murdered monarchs and political intrigue and criminal masterminds and diseases and maybe zombies?, and also probably a dragon.

    (I... could, and I'd be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind, but a. the magic system isn't remotely compatible with D&D/Pathfinder and so I'd have to totally redo the mechanics to fit it/find a way to gank the battle mechanics from PTU or something, and b. no one I'd be playing with locally is interested in Pokémon anyway. That's something to save for an online game where I can specifically ask for Pokémon fans, I think.)

    I'm glad to hear the end is largely in sight! The schedule and all the work (and screaming) sound really rough; I can only imagine what a relief it'll be to have all that finally done, heh. And I eagerly await the impending chaos!
    Probably a published one first. Baby steps and all that (plus there's at least one that looks fun and I've had my eye on it for a bit). I do have a few tiny plot hooks jotted down for whenever I decide to spend more time on a fully custom campaign/setting, but nothing concrete or ready to go yet. My worldbuildy and sweeping epic fantasy attentions are kinda elsewhere at the moment, yeah? ;)

    As for the games... eh, I guess if you could return them soonish, that'd probably be best? I'm not really in a hurry or anything, but maybe it'd be easier for you to get it out of the way sooner rather than later since you've got EVERYTHING going on right now. Or maybe that's backwards and it'd be easier for you after you're done with school forever. Whichever, really.

    How are preparations for your FPO and all that going, by the way? And how badly are you regretting the decision to take on a nine-person metronome battle in the middle of all that, hm hm hm? (Definitely looking forward to it, though!)

    And thank you! I really have no idea how many people even care how old some of the art is, but it's nice to hear that you're seeing some kind of improvement, heh. Mostly I'm just glad to be able to replace images that make me go "but... but no... :(" when I look at them, hahaha.
    Hi!! Sorry this took so long, I've been in the middle of moving and the past couple weeks have been a mess, hahah. But yeah, that's working as intended; anything that can change live will start out blank.

    Anyway, let me know if this works? It keeps track of who made each edit so you might have to insert a few new trainers to make the foreign keys hold.
    Alright, thanks for letting me know!

    Huh, I thought refs could have four, based on the Challenge Board OP. I am in four battles that take up a slot, though three are inactive (1, 2, 3, 4).
    Hey Negrek, does the metronome bash take up a battle slot? My battle slots are all full, but I was wondering if I could throw my hat in the ring anyway.
    Hah, was that list in alphabetical order? Didn't realize. They weren't meant to be in any particular order, no. Didn't notice that Fledglings was quite that far along, but on the other hand I know The Halvarsaga is definitely still early days and was probably going to hit that first anyway. Thanks for the heads up! And yeah, I've seen you mention Gods and Demons before; will definitely have to add that to the list!

    Not a group as such, no; it was a quick one-shot (well, two-shot, we took a distressingly long time to open a door and kill a few rats during the first session) just for some new players and a new DM to have a chance to learn the ropes. There are no current plans to meet up again at the moment. Will probably keep looking for an actual campaign to join, though... and I think I've already settled into the terrible, terrible idea of GMing a home game for my brother, Brandon and hopefully some other people if we can find any because it'd be nice to have a party of more than two PCs, yeah? Dunno if and when that will actually pan out, but hey, we'll see. (Meanwhile, my brother actually does have a group, smh. He went from having like zero interest in tabletop RPGs to watching Critical Role because he wanted to know what all the laughing coming out of my TV was to finding out that a few of his college friends have a game, so he jumped in with them a few weeks ago. It's kind of surreal, heh. Also I am jealous.)

    There's no immediate rush for the GtI cart, although I'm not sure if/when things will "quiet down" so it'd probably just be easier to send it to my mom's job instead; I can give you the address whenever you're ready. Do you still have the Rondo of Swords cart I lent you a little while ago, by the way?
    Thank you! The only present I've received so far is the board game Dominion from my brother, although I'm told others will be arriving a bit later. Possibly some D&D and/or Pathfinder books, maybe other stuff I don't know about? Should be fun either way, and in the meantime I've just been enjoying a nice, quiet Sunday: working on a few projects, some video games, almost dying in a quick D&D one-shot on Roll20 but hey we pulled through somehow, etc., etc.. It's been good overall, yeah!

    And thank you (in advance) for the gift! Take your time, of course; you've got some more important things to be worrying about right now, I'd wager. :P

    (Incidentally, if you're going to mail the present, could you let me know before you do? Some shining examples of humankind have been stealing our mail lately and I might need to give you a different address to send it to. :/)
    Thank you for picking up our battle.

    In your calculations you have Saganaki's end-of-round energy as 83%, but in the summary he has 93% energy. Which is correct?
    Pretty sure the number of Alolamon I have is more or less the same as the number of things I have from most other gens! I have too many pokémon, is the problem. (And too many ideas for silly nicknames hitting me at once, perhaps.)

    Hm... maybe in a little bit? Still not quiiiite feeling up to ASBing again yet, sorry. D:
    I'd be fine with that; I'd just need to get them, make sure they're named consistently with my other ones, etc. Probably not tonight, but I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow or later this week.
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