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  • Probably am, even though I don't mean actual rape. :|

    Oh. So no areas where postcount is nulled? =/
    I don't recall exactly if it's against the rules, but I know there was a thread for it at some point and it was slaughtered because there was pretty much no discussion in it and it was used entirely for postcount++ without even being in Forum Games.

    Please don't post one. Just get a last.fm or something.
    oh...thats okay. I have seen it a lot elsewhere. Memes spread quickly, don't they.
    I just joined SPPf as vaporchu8. I guess you can contact me there if you see my sprites being used.
    Your signature. You have a Shinx in it. It has the same name as mine. (Except without the É.) o.o Creepy.
    It's a good thing our school computers have it (a program at least to type in Japanese), but pretty much all Pokemon sites and forums (and noteworthy places) are blocked >.<

    Well that's something at least. Ooh I know a good one: Give me a Kanji keyboard or I'll make you immortal! Buahahaha! Bound to work ;D

    It works on SPPf >.>

    I get that all the time, it's creepy at first...but if you stroke it behind the ears it'll grow tame and then you can use it to your advantage! :D
    I need a Japanese/Chinese writing program. Badly. (oh yes that full stop was bolded)

    If you were immortal, just go bribe someone for a Kanji keyboard with your...immortality. Surely there must be some way to exploit/prove your immortality.

    And thou arst preposterous, disallowing code.
    Translators suck. Get a dictionary and proper Japanese knowledge x3

    Not that I have any...and not that I didn't have to resort to crude tempering of Babelfish...but you get the point :p

    And yes, Trick Room is awesome. To an extent comparable to that of Rasputin, he who could not be killed six times the lethal dose of cyanide - because he was drunk.
    与野? 与野はだれであるか? >.>

    私は町ではない...名前は 「ヨノ」または 「ヨノワル」である (「ヨノワール」ではない >[)
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