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  • ..Writing the sequel? Already?

    Oh, you mean the plot/rukes and stuff?

    Oh, and when it's sequel time, will it still just be us five?
    Do you expect me to be able to scratch? :P

    It's from a FR/LG battle animation sheet thing. But thanks anyway!
    I finished your card~!

    Like it?

    EDIT: Ahhhh! I'm a complete idiot. It's meant to say 'Burned' on Fire Punch. I'll fix that later.
    Thanks :P

    Is three anything else you can tell me about this Pokélicious-sounding roleplay?
    Alright. But don't do it in the thread or people will start thinking requests are fully open for them.

    The invite-only thing sounds cool. Can you tell me anything about it?

    I'm fine, thanks. I just had dinner. 'Twas nice.
    Thanks. I know, but no other font or text size actually fitted XD

    I never played Fr/LG, so I'm not too sure what you mean :P

    I might be opening them for requests soon. I just don't want to bombarded with requests like I am with adoptables and used to be with candy bars.

    If you really want one, I can make one for you, as you're a friend. I'm actually planning to use them in a sort of ASB-style something-or-other...
    I dunno. It's a pixel rainbow :D

    Have you seen my weird card thingies yet? I posted one on my sprite thread and the Showcase.
    Ah, I see... Well, I had a similar experience last week, except without the bad weather. I thought I was going to be staying at my aunt's cottage, out in the wilderness by a lake, with no internet whatsoever, but I ended up being able to stay at her permanent home (only 5 minutes away) with DSL, so I managed to stay more or less connected.
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