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  • @Casty: There has been for me, but Instead of going to that area and camping, my dad cheated and we went to a hotel.
    I'll send it to you via PM in a minute :)

    And no, there's no internet in any camp site I've ever been to...
    Whcih friend code are you referring to?

    That sounds nice. I think we're going camping somewhere for a couple of weeks...
    I'm fine, Germany's quite, so nothing much to do besides sit around and let my brain cook while play Ace attorney AJ.
    Ummm hi, nice to meet you, I was just saying hello cause well, if we're just friends and don't talk, then well, it really doesn't count so I was just wonderin how you were doin.
    Do you have a sprite shop or something cause the (unfinished) suicune is waiting ? The one I requested bfore the forums crashed.
    Interesting name ideas.

    yeah, i was intending there to be added features, I just hadn't thought of them yet. At I suppose that's a good idea for the Shiny, yes.
    Oh... I really don't know. Anything in particular you'd like to do?

    Acually, I was going to update and add a Houndoom evolution. It's either going to be called Houndes (Pronounced HOUND-eez) or... something else. It's like a Houndoom but larger (obviously) and we three heads and tails. And it also has huge claws. You can try that if you like, but it ight be a bit... difficult. If so, then just choose anyone you like.
    Hello there! Why thank you.

    new RPG? I'll go and look at it...

    So, were you going to scratch another Farrohmabob?
    I've been really busy recently, so I've been sort of betraying my thread...

    And I'm looking forward to that sprite....
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