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  • Sleep, of course! I learned that the hard way, ahahaha.

    I've fallen asleep several times in school. Oooh, flying monkey~ Arylett wants to see!

    It's very useful! I just googled Shut Down Timer and I downloaded it.

    Aaaah. I'm not... English, at least! I'm Arylettopian, yeah, we'll say that.

    You probably live far, faaaar away I'm guessing, from the huge time zone difference. I really don't think I would even get to you if you told me exactly where you resided. X3 And you probably couldn't get to me. Aaaah, parents, so paranoid! Lots of people know my "real" name though. (I'd prefer Arylett to be my real name though, I really wish I could change my name to it.) And you'd have to go through a loooooot of people to find me, since it's rather common too. Parents! ;;Sighs;; Well, what they don't know won't hurt them~

    Of course I'm talking about Atnura! Who else? Also, she's gotten boring because the RSP's stopped, oh and I've sort of been lazy and skimming over the posts and haven't had much time (or motivation) to post in the first place. And things are calming down a bit, I mean, after that HUUUUGE bit of drama with Sheila and Savage, I think I should give the other characters a time to shine. Things are starting to hit Atnura, she's beginning to become a bit calmer with the things that have happened to her. Though I don't think she'll ever quite get over them. She'll still keep being screwed up, of course! And maybe she'll have a few laspses... maybe.

    Aaagh, menstruation! I know what that feels like! It sucks immensely. D<
    Water is very good for you indeed~

    I've accidentally fallen asleep on all sorts of things. X3 I've been getting more sleep lately though, due to more self-discipline. Oh and a Shut Down Timer, helped me loads. Shuts down the computer and I can't stop it so I go to sleep earlier.

    Aaah, we don't use years here. We've got grades. Like umm... 11th grade. So I don't really understand that system in the first place. XD

    I just don't tell my mom what I'm doing, she's very paranoid and hates the idea of me talking to "strangers" over the internet. Thinks everyone's a bunch of rapists and stupid things. So I just don't tell her. She knows nothing of TCoD or what I do here, nope.

    Yaaay~! ;;Goes to post;; Wow, my character is really weird and OCD! Oooh, but I'm starting to love her already. You know how much I love screwed up characters with crazymindproblems. ;;Points to Atnura;;
    D: Kusari said I missed it...

    *wanted Humility* I totally have a char who's humility already too. *sigh* oh well, is what I get for going to D&D all night.
    I am better, I got more sleep. But I should drink more water~ Whee, the sickness has passed! It was a test called the PSAT, I can't really explain it, but I had to pay to take it. And I wasn't about to lose my money. It's just... important, we'll say that.

    I slept sporadically today. Slept 7 PM to 10 PM, then woke up, stayed up until 4 AM, then went back to sleep. And then I woke up at 10 AM. And somehow... I got enough sleep? I don't know how, but yeah. I felt really calm and the least tired I've felt in ages.

    Wow, you must be really smart.

    DX I hate it when moms interfre with computer time.

    Arylett is sick.

    Due possibly to sleep deprivation. Today she had the hugest headache, felt like her head was going to EXPLODE. DX And I had to go to school like that, to take a very important test that I can't do on any other day. I'll tell you, it was the longest day ever. I don't think I did so well... Sickarylettmind is very odd.

    Well, at least I don't get to go to school tommorow. I have a fever~

    And you?
    You don't, trust me. Anatomy is blaaargh, horrible and boring. So technical every thing, so SPECIFIC. And you have to memorize a bunch of body parts with weird long complicated names and know what they do. Really hard. And really suckish. I'm failing that class, because of the subject and the teacher. Who is really a horrid teacher. Most Unhelpful Teacher Ever award goes to him. (He just gives us homework and doesn't really explain or elaborate on anything at all.) May be even worse than your Spanish teacher. DX

    Ahahaha, I used to like whatever music my sister liked. Because she forced me to listen to it. But now I just sort of listen to the same songs over and over again, she was the one who introduced new music to me. 'Course, she's gone now. Moved away. Because siblings influence us too much! How old is your brother? Is he older than you?

    ...I was right, ahaha! I just got four today. Four visitor messages~! And thank you, wheee, more visitor messages~
    Of course.

    Nooo, I have a test too. In Anatomy, which sucks really bad. I haven't even read the chapter, I'm going to fail~ Ah well, I suck at that class anyway. Spanish? Why, Spanish isn't too hard for me. (Though I do speak it. X3) School just sucks in general!

    I'll check that camera then.

    Music? Aaah, well I'm the type of person who can't really answer that question. I like... whatever songs sound the best? Well I just listen to music, I can't really talk about it, if you know what I mean. I suppose I like Coldplay and some video game music, but the rest is very varied. Just whatever has the best sounding beat. X3

    100! Oh my! I get about... 4 or so visitor messages on average each day. Yeeaaaah~
    X3 I'll draw it. Oh my God, this is going to be one crazy update for my art thread. Craaazy. Craaaazy insanity.

    Wheee, I'll have to watch those when I have time. School sucks. They give too much homework! ;;Curses stupid school;; Gaaah.
    Doggies~ <3 They're my first favourite animals! The reason I say I'm a birdy who thinks she's a doggy is because even though I like dogs, I've been told apparently that if I was an animal, I'd be a bird. By several people. They get a birdy vibe off me.

    And in one of my classes, my two guy friends sat there staring at me and animalanalyzing me. X3 "Noo, I think she'd be a rabbit..." And then one was all: "A rabbit? No! She seems more like... a bird...." and the other was like: "Yeah, a bird! I can see that... maybe a pigeon?" I was a bit insulted at that. But the other guy said: "No! Not a pigeon! Maybe like... an osprey... some bird of prey..." And I was all: "O_O???"

    And just today, the guy said he imagined me as a flamengo. With long black curly hair. X3 And then the other said he imagined me in a FLAMENCO DRESS. Oh my God, more crazy things for me to draw. XD I have weird friends~

    Actually, AM is morning. PM is night. Do they not use the PM-AM system there?

    What's your timezone?
    Because I love doggies! Doggies are coolawesomenocity! But nooo, I just had to be a bird. And urrrggh... I do feel it backing up on me.

    Oooh! I got it! Good thing Arylett has Infinite Arylett Patience!

    Eeep, the time you were at FabLab is like 4 AM here!
    Oooh, a wolverine! That's much cooler than a silly bird like me. Just some silly wafty Arylettbird, but I like to think I'm a dog! But alas, I'm not~ ;;Eats dog food;; I can pretend though!

    Ooooh, that's cool~ Thanks for the links! Hmm, I'll go watch yes. Two hours? What do you mean, exactly? ;;Easily confused;;
    they're like this: [spoiler*] spoiler goes here [/*spoiler]

    ...let's see if they work here.

    *tries* nope. not in profile messages. >:
    "Smart" is a matter of opinion. Someone else could very well think I'm dumb. You're neither right or wrong~ But whee, someone thinks I'm smart!

    No actually I'm a bird. But I eat dog food too! I'm a bird who likes to think she's a dog. ;;Eats dog food;; Thank you! (I'm always hyper and crazy like this. 8D It's awesomenocityfun.)

    Well, I've only seen a few episodes of it. But I would like to see more. What's the website? (My favourite episode out of the few I've seen is The Cry of the Chimera)
    waaa, I know~ And careful, the movie is tear-wrenching, at least near the end.

    ; ; I mourn. But I won't say why unless you'd like me to.
    My body weeps, it weeps. Poor thing.

    Well of course I'm strange! ;;Points to user title;; More than a little, if we're using that to judge. Thank you. X3

    Ice cream! Ooooh, I could use some of that right now. ;;Hungry;;

    Me? Sleep depriving my body beyond its physical limitations. Oh and on the forums. And changing my avvie obsessively because I am really picky and want to find the perfect one that fits. I /am/ crazy.

    What about you?
    And now I'm not. X3 I am crazy. You know what I did? I stayed up the whole night. And am still awake. Wow. And I'm not even tired... really really strange.

    An air spirit, oooh! That would be cool. Nah, not strange. Smart. I think I would be a... water spirit. Or something.

    At least they pretend. X3 At least they pretend.
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