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  • I am! Whee, yay for weekends and getting more sleep during them!

    I'm not sure what kind of spirit I would be... hmm...

    Well, they don't bother me too much about it... as long as I don't mention it or show them my drawings.

    Yeah, my friend does know. And I wouldn't really care if anyone knew I liked it, they wouldn't really mock me really. They'd just scoff a bit or giggle, and then forget about it.

    They are INCREDIBLY weird.

    GMT -5.

    >A> I like this one.

    ....and this one.

    This too

    NOW here's some funny ones~

    x3 gogo maes~

    this one is very Ed-like. |3

    more later~
    nyao, I should have explained earlier~

    It's a fan comic that someone does, and lots of them are... well, adult. xD I have a large collection.
    I have it in a Doujinshi I downloaded a bit ago, but I don't remember what one. xD I'll find it soon though.
    Listening to music from RENT and waiting for a post in my RP. :3

    And trying to find a picture for a new banner.
    Tired Arylett was tired. She only got 23 minutes of sleep, give her a break on the typos. X3

    Spiriting ability sounds like something cool though. ;;Thinks of ability to turn into a spirit;;

    My parents... they think what I draw is eh... weird. Pokémon is just crazy monsters to them and they think I'm out of my mind because I like to draw "monsters" and "not real" things. They'd rather I draw scenery and "normal REAL things". Pfft, scenery is boring. <<

    I spend 90% of my free time on the internet! Yaay for lacking social skills. (The other 10% is sleeping and other necessary bodily things.) I think my parents think I'm a weird crazy recluse who likes to draw monsters. X3

    We don't have the same time zone, I know it~ I think it's about a 7-hour time difference, with you being ahead. It's 5 PM here at the time of my writing this, to confirm this. 8 in the morning would be like... uh... if I'm right about the 7 hours... that'd be around 3 PM for me. X3 Oh wow, maybe I WOULD be able to catch you. I'm on my computer at that time.
    But all of my friends are forum members, so of course~

    Anyway, I'd love to be your friend. =D I'm a little too self-absorbed about my scratches anyhow (meaning, you're probably closer to my level than you think you are), but even so I'm glad that you look up to me. ^^
    Oh, it sounds like fun!

    Aahahahaha, waffles. X3

    Hmmm... it's pretty good, that Chimera. But just one thing, it looks like it only has two legs. Sort of... 2 dimensional ish. But I guess that's because the other two legs are missing, yeah probably. The shading's pretty nice though.

    Your dad brags about your spriting ability? That's the oddest thing I've ever heard of. X3 I wish my mom or dad bragged about my drawing ability, but they seem to "brag" about the fact that I lack social skills to the extreme.

    Eeep, the internet doesn't sound very pleasant.

    Yaaay. X3 I'll have to check and see! I don't know if I'll be able to see you though, hmm, the time you're there is probably the time I'm at school.
    I'm playing Pokemon Pearl obsessively...I beat the gym leaders in less than two days, and I caught Palkia with a Premier ball x3 next, the Elite Four! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    I bet he did!

    Oooh, it looks all corperate and stuff. Is it like an actual job? Do they give you money?

    Also today I managed to hold up pretty well in staying awake. Except during one part, where I was talking notes, and the teacher kept talking and I could sort of hear him and I was still writing down the notes, but I was sort of drifting in and out of sleep. It was very weird.

    (I can't read Norwegian. X3)
    I can hold out pretty well, I've only fallen asleep in class twice.

    Also wow, your friend is crazy. How were they after staying up four days? Probably REALLY irritatable.

    Ooooh, it sounds sort of what I've got at my school. Except they call it aiding. I'm an aid for the library, which means I work for it. But I don't get paid, I just get community service hours. I need those to graduate, so yeah. Never heard of FabLab though.
    Good! Aahhaha.

    I just got like... 23 minutes of sleep right now? Yeah, I am crazy. Stayed up for no apparent reason until 5:23 AM and I have to wake up at 6:00 AM because my school starts painfully early. Looks like somebody's going to be dead today!
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