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  • Right now, I'm keeping watch for Team Star and Team Ledgend replies. ;3

    Team Star is back from the brink and in Team Legend nobody seems to be doing anything of relevence to my character. Right now the main focus is something else.
    :3 hi there!

    I'd probably say....
    well I like Umbreon a lot, still. And Milotic and Latias. And the Regis, particularly -rock, are fun. The more I think about that I always end up with a long list of 'like a lot'.
    I think moving it to the right is a good idea.

    No thank you, though. I'm very happy with my current avatar, and I don't think the i*insert thing here* are terribly funny. Only some are good, like yours.
    Yeah I will. I want to put together a list of recommended critters and expand the plot a bit. I have The Underlegend to deal with right now anyway~
    I took it down for some reworking. I think that most of the really good RPers have stopped RPing too, so the majority are the bad ones, which is annoying, because no-one knows any non-banned critters. I mean, some people will (You, Kusa, etc) but otherwise... *sigh*
    Possibly because my avatar is a self-portrait of yours truly. Seeing as the avatar itself is awesome, it is only natural that you view me as awesome as well.

    Did that make sense? I don't think it did.

    Your avatar is deadly too, by the way. Typhlosion is gonna be rockin' down the electric avenue tonight!
    ;;Gives award;; Yaaaay~!

    ;;More Arylettpatience;; It's okay, I'm even more forgetful and lazy probably. I forget EVERYTHING! Ahahahaha.

    Aah, too bad it didn't work out for you.

    Oh wow. I didn't even THINK about stiffstuff being that. ;;Snackersnorts;; Ahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! And yaaaay, you understood it! Maufie~

    Weird but amusing! That's what people seem to think of me. Oh and Dannichu thinks I'm certifiably insane. Muhehehe.

    Have you seen my Arylettdeathstare picture? One friend of mine told me I looked like an infant, taking a CRAP. ;;SNACKERS INSANELY;; We call it my "Infantcrapface". I make faces like that ALL the time~ Ahahaha, no wonder nobody talks to me. And I don't even do it on PURPOSE! They just come... naturally, I guess. That's my natural expression, looking pissed off. Which pictures have you seen? And has everyone on these forums seen Arylettpictures? Wow. And we get to choose between German, Spanish, French, and Latin. Does your mom make angry faces? I know, right? It IS my name. But like, apparently the "borough" part of it is prounounced "burra", but that makes absolutely no sense to me and most of the people where I live say it the way I say it. Aaaah, let me have my weird prounciation and I'll let you call me "Ah-rill-lett Dawnsburra". (I say it the way you said it, basically. Dawns-berr-row.) At-nuh-rah's pretty close though~ I say At-nah-rah so fast it nearly sounds like At-nuh-rah.

    Oh it was just a list where he put the people who were going to work in his factory and be saved from death. I suck at explanations, truly~

    She can't? Neither can my mom~ My mom's second language is English actually, so is mine. But she has an accent. And I... I have one too, but it's an American accent. Technically my first language is Spanish, but I know English much better. And I really can't write or spell much in Spanish. It's as if English IS my first language.

    Asgeir? Oh my God, I'd HATE to have that name. He must be the mockery of the whole school! (I'd call him "Ass-gear" if I were there. ;;Giggles;;) Yeah, my swearing is pretty much like that too. I swear a lot when alone, and barely any when with other people. And it's too bad that people mind swearing so much, otherwise I'd be saying "fuck" every other word. I love to swear, it feels like expressing yourself!

    Awww... ;;Offers hug;; I'm sorry about that. Parents can really suck sometimes, like I said, they can piss us all off.

    Oh and just because you've talked to me through the internet, doesn't mean I'm not like this! I think I'm more myself when I'm on the internet than in real life. In real life, I'm all quiet and angryfaced. But I'm really just a crazy girl who wants to let loose and loves to make jokes and all that~ That's why I love being on the internet, I don't feel as inhibited, I feel I can UNLEASH THE CRAZINESS! Oh and I'm pretty much crazy around my friends or people I'm comfortable in real life too. And who DOESN'T love attention? ;;Is an attention seeker AND lover;; I think that emu is strangely appropriate, strangely. Both of my friends agreed on that and I agree too, even if I don't like the fact that I'm apparently a big fluffy gray bird~ ;;Giggles more;;

    Arylett is the MASTER of Long Posts and Long Words. And here, the longest word I've ever made up: Awesomenocitydannichufandomism. Yes. I like long things~
    Thank you very, very much; for both the very sweet birthday message and the friend request :3
    Birthdays are the best days ever :D
    I do, ahahah, I do have infinite patience.

    Aaah, I see. When I turn off my computer though, I usually don't turn it back on. That's the thing with me. Though if you Googled hard enough, I'm sure you could find one that leaves it off~

    Ooooh ahahaha, you want some Arylettalk? Let's see... Okay, I'm going to describe to you a trip to the store with my dad, in ARYLETTALK!:

    "So like, I went over to the placebuy with my dadoo ze ozer dayty and in that thar placethingy I eyeballed me some friendaggits. And me and my 'ol daggits were all tickety talketing about stiffstuffs and thingthangs. 'Twas shitshacks of awesomenocity and funonocity. So's I'm all, to my dadoo: 'Yo dadoo! I'ma gunna go off with those thar 'daggits of mine, ya understand?' and he like nodded his head. And then I was all: 'Yaaay! Goodenocity!' And like, me and my friendaggits (two floweries and one digdude) wents totally off, like to have some awesomenocityfunocity. Then my maufie called on my celker and she's all BLAH YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO THE LIVINGPLACE BLAH. And obviously, I don't wanna return back to my livingplace, 'curse I'm jest having shitshacks 'o funnocity! But like... I do gotta listens to her, ya understand? I mean... she is my maufie."

    ...Yeah, that was weird.

    I'd choose Arylett other Angela too. Oh and I only have umm... AT SCHOOL... I only have one Real Friend, the rest are Casual Friends. Just like the ones you described, I hang out with them only like in one class, because they're funny and weird and stuff. I don't know the names of 99.9% of the people in my school. Yeees~ Well don't worry, I'm just blah, all insanely Hispanic and Spanish Knowing and all that. And no, most people don't greet me at school. I think I'm... somewhat intimidating. It's that angry look on my face, I constantly look pissed off or serious or like I'm pouting or really sad. Either one~ Yeah, hard to believe, huh? And I understand, I hate being corrected too on a lot of things. And I hate it when people mispronounce words too~ Though I'm one to talk, I do it so much! (Apparently, according to /some/ people on the forums, I misprounce my own name. Arylett Dawnsborough. Bah, I made up the name, I should decide how it's pronounced. And Atnura, I pronounce it really weird, defying all laws of English. At-NAR-rah. Yes. NAR. Not "New", "NAR". I have a really weird way of saying things~

    The movie was VERY good. I know what you're saying though, it was a bit... graphic. But it's a classic, a really good movie. I mean, it's about this guy named Schindler (who actually existed back during the Holocaust, a REAL person. Not fictional. And yes, we call it the Holocaust~ And that propaganda stuff was, it was exactly like that. But... god, they were good at it. Managed to convince a lot of people. I'm not saying they ARE good, just that they were good at... propaganding.) who wants to start up a company. He's a businessman, neutral really, not really a Nazi but doesn't really care about what happens to the Jews. So he tries to suck up to the Nazis. He needs workers for his factory, so he starts recruiting Jews. And at first, he just does it for business. But then... there's some sort of turning point in the movie (the whole movie, by the way, is in black and white. But was made in 1990. It's in black and white for stylistic reasons. BUT there's a little girl in a RED dress. That's actually red. The only thing in colour in the whole movie. She's symbolism for something... though I can't remember what) and he sees that little girl in the red dress, being taken off to get slaughtered, and he has a change of heart. He starts putting people in his "List", now getting people to work in his company/factory to save them from death and gas chambers. And the whole thing is just really cute and a really good movie. Yes, there was actually a guy in real life who did this named Schindler. See? There ARE good people in the world.

    Yeah, I get pissed off at my parents like that too sometimes. I always forget to do certain things and they just yell at me. It's not hard to get frustrated with them at times~

    You never know, do you? I'm not saying he DOES like you, just that he COULD. Boys are really weird. Maybe he's just "weird" because he gets beaten up? But I know a weird kid who's sort of like the one you described... and he really grates my nerves. Really, really, REALLY grates them. So I definately understand why you would call him a freaking bastard. (I don't mind cursing, not at all! Arylett is a pottymouth herself~)

    And oh my GOD, you're lucky~! I'm IN America and even I don't have that opportunity. Eeep, I don't like it when parents brag either, it tends to be overexaggerated and you get really embarassed and are all: "STOP!"

    Oh and my friends were all "animal analyzing" me again. One was all: "Say if Angela was a bird, what would she be? And NOT a flamingo." and the other was: "Wait... wait... I know... gah, what are those stupid birds...?" Me: "So I'm a stupid bird?" "No... I'm trying to remember the name. Ah yes, finches! She'd be a finch." Me: "...?" And then later on, the other guy said I was an ostrich. And the first guy was all: "Well, I still say she's a flamingo with hair." Then I told my other friend about them being all weirdly birdy with me and she said: "Oh no, you're NOTHING like a finch..." Me: "One of them said I was like an ostrich..." "Well..." and she gets that smile on her face, that smile she gets when she doesn't want to tell me something I don't want to hear. Me: "...Wha... you think I'm like an OSTRICH?" "Well... you sort of look like one. The really dark hair and the kinda light skin..." Me: "But only the male ostriches are black and white." "Female ostriches are kind of boring... But your brown skin... your skin's kinda brown. So you could pass for a female ostrich too. I definately don't think you're a flamingo though, too colourful for you." Me: "...You think I look like an ostrich?! Gaaah... well, I'm NOTHING like one. I don't stick my head in holes... or whatever it is they do." "No... you are like one... I don't know... the way you are... kind of like an ostrich. Or maybe an emu... yeah, emu! You're an emu. And you look like one too. You're kinda crazy like an emu or an ostrich..." Me: "You think I look like an OSTRICH?! Or an EMU?! Great... great... I'm crazy like one too... just wonderfully brilliant."

    ...I think I win the Award for Longest Visitor Message. I may have even beaten Dannichu.
    Awww it's okay, I can wait! Infinite patience, remember?

    Well, you CAN turn your computer back on. I mean, it just shuts it down. X3 But after my computer's shut down, I basically don't bother with it. Starting it up takes time and blah, blah, I'm lazy. So it works good for me.

    I don't learn it at school, I teach it! Because I'm the Queen, of course. Hmm... I could show you an example, if you'd like! But oh, it's a bit... strange.

    If I asked them, I meant. Angela isn't so bad, but I really like Arylett! I meant all the people I know at school, all the people I talk to. And that would be about... counting the teachers... Eleven. Without the teachers, it's four. Yay for being a dork who only has a few friends~ And the rest of the school doesn't know my name. I'm just "Girl". "Hey Girl!" Yeah. Just LEE-NEH, I think that's how the word "line" would be pronounced if you said it in Spanish. ;;Is Hispanic;; Yep~ Oh no, you can't possibly know my last name, I've never told anyone on the forums or posted it anywhere. X3 It's not so hard to spell/write. It's like Line, it's not that hard to spell or write, but people butcher the pronunciation ALL the time.

    Awww, that reminds me of Schindler's List. That movie was just... so sad. It made me cry at school almost. We watched it, like last year. Have you see it? It's about the Holocaust. We also had to watch Nazi propaganda videos and it was just wow... that's all I have to say. They did terrible experiments on people too, imagine how their minds must be? Humans can indeed be really terrible.

    Yeah! Lucky it doesn't last long~ Otherwise I'd be Bitchylett, 24-7. I get really mean too or angry during it.

    I've had all sorts of balls tossed at my head, so I know how you feel. Basketballs, baseballs, footballs (American footballs), soccer balls... you name a ball and it's hit me in the head. Or face. (Boys can be really stupid, oh yeah. I know that really well.) He kicked it on /purpose/? Geez, what an ass. Maybe he likes you, boys are assholes when they like you sometimes. I don't really understand how or why, but I guess that's the way it is sometimes.
    Oooh, flying wolves~

    I got a really simple one. Just put in the how many hours/minutes/seconds you want the computer to shut down in and it shuts down in that time. I think it's called LoadDown.

    They speak Arylettalk in Arylettopia. It's basically English, but with a twist. A dialect of English, actually.

    According to maps that don't have Arylettopia on them though, I live in the United States. And no, I'm too young. And my parents would be very upset if I told them. (I think I'd need their permission or something) So I'll just stay with Angela~ It's not that bad a name, just that I'd prefer Arylett more. Maybe I can just make it a nickname. ;;Contemplates asking everyone at school to call me Arylett;; And Line, ooh, that's pretty cool. The way you pronounce it actually sounds like a Spanish word or something... hmm. But if you went to England, people would be all "line." Gaah, mispronounciations! I have to suffer through a few, my last name's a bit hard for the American tongue.

    Oh no! It wasn't in vain, it helped her a lot. Hence why she's more "boring" and calmer. Just that if this happened in real life to someone, I don't think they'd quite get over it. It's like an addiction, you go to rehab and you kick the habit, but every day is a constant struggle not to go back. Same with Atnura. Things like that can't really just be cured. Mind, she's better. And she'll improve as time goes on, but she might have a few lapses here and there. Just a few.

    Mine hurts on and off. Sometimes it hurts like hell, sometimes it doesn't hurt at all.
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