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  • In a bit, yes. Still ned to find a good way to introduce my character in Dreams of the Past.
    I love Tala too! She's so angry and bitter and it's just like awesomenocity. Ahahaaha, I think Arylett is both afraid and confused by her.

    I like how I made Arylett. She's like uh... an exact replica of me. X3

    A bit overloaded. Oh, High Priestess is guilty of Extreme Procrastination. She needs to go post in those RPs ASAP!
    Aaaah. See? See what I told you about Arylett's Attentiveness? She didn't even notice your symbols.

    Well that'll catch Arylett's attention for sure! She catches onto movement near her very quickly. Also, I edited my post, go check it Stormy. Now Arylett's winning the "Stay Behind the Group" Contest!

    Don't worry, I'm pretty hyper too. I just ran throughout the house, yelling and jumping and leaping in an explosion of joy for absolutely no reason.
    What works? ;;Looks curiously at Holy Question Mark;;

    Oh do not worry! I have plenty of time to catch up, I have the whole day. You are not disturbing the High Priestess. And hmm... Arylett actually noticing someone... that's a very odd thing, seeing as how she's quite inattentive! (She didn't even notice the people on the ground. See how low her attention span is? It goes into negative numbers) However, I'll have her catch Tala's attention somehow... Ahahaha. ;;Plans, goes to edit post;; You should go check it soon, yes.
    Question Mark! Oh, what brings your Sacred Punctuationness here to my humble aboad? ;;Bows and glomps back;;

    Your High Priestess is doing wonderousawesomenocity. Just trying to catch up on her RPs, oh dear, she's been absolutely behind in all of them.
    That souds horrible.

    Oh I know. I'm just waiting on everyone to get to where our characters are before posting the actual ceremonie.
    I would suppose so.

    Yes, yes I have no plans for this to end happily. Then again, things may not always go as planned. I'll be lucky if Legend of the Stone Tablet works out since last time I tried this plot on another site it died after only two pages.
    Yes of course the non-prophecied characters get action. The prophecied characters aren't the only important ones, just the one's destined to destory the world, even if by accident.
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