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  • Aww. It sounds cool~ Shame it's dead. But yes, at least all of these goody RPs are alive. You like to torture your characters, do you? Karae, hmm? Really sadistic, are they? So many questions I'm asking? Yes. So you think Mourmedy's epic. Muhehehe. Aw naw, I'm not that fun to RP with. ;;Blushes;;
    I can never do a sadistic, completely consumed by Darkness character like that. XD That's a good talent! All of my characters need to have a heart... something good about them. XD

    They're probably be reflected off the rock skin, that's what I think. Yep, blast guns. Especially since Pokémon training is over and people need some way of defense, don't they?
    Ooh, I thought I was portraying her rather badly. XD Thank you~

    Also, that weapon she used is like a blast gun or something. A gun that shoots out energy beams. I thought she'd have it, since normal bullets can't hurt Pokémon and well, my character needs some way to fight... hmm?
    That'd be so cute! And anyone can draw, everyone has their own style...but I think I'll try drawing that scene too! ^w^
    Lucario and the Mystery of Mew = <3. I love it! XD Random. Which, I suppose, says a lot about why Basaina tends to tease Halan so much. O_o She apparently teases both the people she respects and likes (Halan) and the people who she doesn't trust (Fafneer). And then everyone in between gets an occasional comment thrown at them. :P
    I'm in a bit of a creative rut, so that might take a long while... XD Of course, I could get her to try acting on her own and get yelled at for her troubles, but she likes getting attention with plans that work. Otherwise I would have thought of something already... XD
    hn...u know u can request an event that revolves around her. jut make it a good one and i'll approve it. ^^
    Yeah, it's awesome! XD Poor Bas isn't getting any of the spotlight XD Not that I need her to, but ICly she's ever so sad about it. Thus, the sort-of competition with Halan. :P
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