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  • Yeah, it's pretty good. We read it in class and the teacher let me take a copy home to keep. I'm not too interested in cat books to be honest, I don't like cats... I'm allergic, more of a dog person.
    Hmm... it kind of sounds like those Warriors books.

    Oh, I also like this one book called Alas, Babylon. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's like about what would've happened if nuclear war had broken out between the United States and Russia. It sounds kind of negative, but it's actually quite positive. The people of the United States survive and eventually manage to get back to tolerable conditions, though they never really go back to normal.
    It was sad that many people died, but there was sort of a big war going on... can't really expect a lot of people not to die during a war. I've never heard of them either, I'm afraid. What are they about?
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Or ooh, maybe Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I just love them all, I can't decide~ And yeah, our reserve list is pretty bad, the librarian yelled at me to BRING BACK TWILIGHT NOW. Especially since I've had it for three or so months and have barely read any of it. I'll have to try Eragon when I have time.

    I'm umm... well I was reading some of Twilight but I have to stop because I'm taking too long and so many kids at school are waiting for it back. Never read the Eragon series though~
    Why, yes: I can see that you like Warriors, too, saying the profile picture...

    If you want one, in my siggy, there is a link to hwere I got my avvie.
    I don't think so... there's only Taqqiq, the mother, and the main character whose name I've forgotten. Either way, it's a different name. I hope I don't get sued... ^^; just kidding.

    Also, have you realized that:
    "Don't" is a contraction for "do not," but the ' could also replace "u", making it a contraction for "donut?"
    I like owls! My favorite is the Great Horned; I'm writing another story about one named Kalick.
    I'm writing too. Since you don't know what it's about, I can probably tell you.

    WARNING: The remainder of this post contains spoilers (in this color). If you do not wish to read them, do not view this whole post.

    The story is about a half-wolf named Garjou who's abducted by aliens, escapes, and then trains under Byakukiba for a day or two. Then he dies and his murderer is nowhere to be seen... and he comes back to life as a wolf.
    I was looking at your siggy, and I was thinking, wow! So, I just wanted to ask, where did you get all those banners?
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