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  • It's... just you. If you fight Galacta Knight in The True Arena, you'll know. Marx is more difficult in The Arena than Galacta Knight in Meta Knightmare Ultra, but both of their Arena counterparts have higher difficulty. TTA Galacta Knight is particularly tricky if you try it without an ability. I can beat him, but not by much when I do that.
    That's my favorite of the series, and my game of choice for long carrides. X3

    I take it you mean Meta Knightmare Ultra? I always thought Kirby's and Meta Knight's dash speeds were about the same, unless you mean in air. What's your best time, or have you ever finished it? Mine's about 40 minutes, but I can't seem to get under that.
    If you go to the EEVEELUTIONS UNITE! We can't have two exactly the same. We already have a normal Umbreon and a red-ringed Umbreon. That's the reason. :P
    Make it shiny, and your font would be Light blue.
    I has to put it up first of course. ;3
    No, I've got a geode already, and I have enough female splits as it is. Thanks for offering, though XD
    Yeah, Dragon Cave's been slow on my computer as well. And on my brother's laptop. Maybe it's like that for everyone?
    I'm actually not sure what internet I have xD I remember using IE before though, it was really slow. Firefox was like a saviour.
    Uh, have you tried Opera though? My brother says it's pretty good.
    Oh man, that sucks D: I hate it when my computer lags, because I'm used to an uberly-fast computer and it's all I can do to stop myself from smashing the screen. Yeah, I'm very impatient.
    Oh, I see. I've only gotten one silver egg from there, I think.
    Getting stuff from the cave entrance is pretty tough for me as well, because my computer always chooses to lag there x_x
    No problem ^^
    Ah, you're like me in that way. In fact, I think only one or two of my dragons are bred from my own dragons. By the way, how in the world did you get those two silver eggs?
    Eh, I have absolutely no life at all, so I just sat at the cave entrance and waited for a paper egg. Their description is something like, "This egg is tiny and made of several pieces of paper folded together." I find that if you keep your cursor hovering above the 3rd egg in the cave entrance, that helps, because new eggs are usually the 3rd, if you catch my drift (I suck at explaining). And of course, a fast internet is useful ^^
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