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  • I walk a lonely road
    The only one that I have ever known
    Don't know where it goes
    But it's home to me and I walk alone
    If I was a politician I'd get booed off stage before I was even ON stage and someone would rip my George Washington-style wig off. But if I did manage to give the speech, I'd either have a tired crowd and self, or I'd be murdered part-way through the third time. xD

    ...how is that relevant? 0.o That guy's head is on backwards in addition to the song. :P
    Yes. Hughesnet is the spottiest, most unreliable company we've ever had, so we're switching sometime.

    ...but that's nothing. Once a VM went up six times. xD
    Why didn't I realize that? D: The party can now officailly begin!

    Oh, dang it. I must use a Macho Brace, too. Because they look cool and I need a +1 in Attack. xD

    What? You knew? I mean... what TM? *Edges over to nonexistent trash can and throws old TM in*
    Oh, well. :D

    I'm finally level 13! PARTY AT... WAIT THERE'S NO PARTY... WHAT?!?!


    I would have forgotten Troll myself. Because I sleep. Now and then.....


    ...What are you trying to prove about my sleep habits of four-to-six hours a day?
    Gettin' a Bronzor, eh?

    Bronzor is great. Good typing as well; only being weak to two types really helps in ASB.
    Oooh, Lake of Rage actually sounds nice. A tide efect like in the gtames would be cool. :D

    Sweeeet. :O
    'Kay, so you want to make te arena? Go ahead. We could fight in a Togepi farm or something, surrounded by colored eggs. xD
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