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Worst Username Ever

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  • Now it's different since the hour number changed. It's about 6:30 PM for me. You're about six hours ahead of me, then. *stares at weird N eye-stars*

    And I get upset when someone gets to stay up since they're three hours behind me while I have to go to sleep >|

    Are you five hours ahead in Norway then? Not sure, really.

    Also I saw some mafia game you were in and I laughed when I saw you say (exact quote I think, I'm typing this out)

    "Darn time zones, while everyone else posted I was sleeping."

    Something like that, anyway xD
    Ah. My avatar appears to match up with me pretty well xD And you're in Norway, hm? Darn time zones. When I sent that first message, I was all "OH She's online!!" since as far as I've seen, you're never on when I'm on.
    Ah, I see.

    I'm playing White right now (got it one or two days ago; I don't know which Dx). I didn't think it fit that well (since you behave/act/type/write/whatever in a much less crazy style). But I haven't been or read threads nearly AS much as I bet some of you members that were around longer do, so I wouldn't know you as well.

    ...how did I type that much?!
    Your avatar XD

    I remember before I joined (I read through the forums before joining) that I was shocked somehow when I saw your pronoun xD What is it of...? Now I find the eye scary :o

    ...I don't always type this much like that.

    I tend to read through old threads and after reading your posts I wanted to uh, talk to you. Er...[/awkward]
    it's... kind of cute. x_x kind of mutant hybridy though.

    also you reply to visitor messages on the other person's profile x]
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