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  • hi idk if anyone here remembers me still; i just remembered that this website exists after about seven years of inactivity, and thankfully i can still get into my old account, so that's neat! anyway i wanted to post some kind of goodbye, if only just because i feel like i missed out on the opportunity to do that, given that i left by way of "being overwhelmed by schoolwork and depression to the point that i abandoned all of my hobbies"

    so yeah uh. just for the record, my name's taylor now, and i'm a girl - thank y'all so much for pushing me down the path of exploring my gender identity at age 12, btw, 'cause that would have been a much harder journey for me otherwise. if any of y'all want to keep in touch with me, i put my website in my profile now, so feel free to reach out

    and just. thank you in general, for everything - i really only used these forums for about a year, but i absolutely adored getting to meet and talk to and play mafia with all of you, and genuinely my life wouldn't be the same if it weren't for these forums. i write now! when i was in middle school i thought writing was the worst thing in the world, then i started playing asb and mafia with y'all, and now i really enjoy writing! that's still the weirdest and most fantastic change that's happened to me as a person and without you it wouldn't have been possible

    anyway. i feel kind of weird using this account again. especially since the username is still tied to my birth name? and honestly i feel like i've moved on, at least a little bit - but i'll never forget how special a place this was and how all of you made it possible. thank you so, so much
    trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn lại một lần nữa mở ra, lộ ra khuôn mặt đã sớm không còn một chút cảm xúc nào của Lý Phong.

    Hai người lại một lần nữa đối diện lẫn nhau, khoảng cách lúc này đã quá gần gũi, cục diện cùng với lúc mới bắt đầu chiến đấu thì cũng đã thay đổi cực lớn. Hứa Nhạc lúc này đã ngồi trên một đầu Robot MX cực kỳ hoàn hảo, không một chút tổn hại nào cả, còn có cả một con tin trong tay nữa.

    Bàn tay trái của Lý Phong chậm rãi rời khỏi thanh công cụ điều khiển, đem hệ thống cảm ứng ý nghĩ trên người hắn cởi xuống hơn một nửa, lạnh lùng nhìn chằm chằm về phía Hứa Nhạc đang ở cách đó kh
    Hey there! I was just wondering if you'd started reffing my tournament match against Superbird, or if you'd realized that it was assigned to you. I'm not really one to talk about late reffings, and ordinarily I don't mind waiting at all, but you did say you wanted to ref and Negrek is probably going to replace you when she gets back because of the 3-day DQ. If you're already working on it, then sorry! Just wanted to be sure you knew the tourney had started early. I'm a little excited, is all, haha.

    (Additionally, I'm not sure if you noticed, but your match has also started and you're supposed to choose a pokémon first. You're kinda running up against the deadline there as well.)
    <3 thank you for reffing me vs ampharos! Although, I can't see that you started the thread anywhere?
    Hm. That won't happen again.
    (it's just I was going to add a conditional for sleep originally but decided against it)
    ...I'm randomly back.

    I asked Negrek about the applications (I've been waiting since March 24th) and she said she's working on all of them.

    I just thought I'd tell you to expect results sooner or later ^^

    Good luck with your referee-ing!!! I hope you make it :3

    (Also that is a really nicely sprited avatar.)
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