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  • A... a grandpa? That's such a juvenile thing to say on a birthday, hahaha.
    I've always wondered what it would be like to have sisters... I have a twin brother and everyone seems to think that it's awesome but it isn't OTL because I always get compared to him and it's just I'M SORRY I CAN'T SPORTS LIKE LUCAS
    My brother got the room with the closet... Because my room's carpeted and my brother has dust allergies and a stick up his ass.
    I need my under-bed storage place to shove my stuff when my mom tells me to clean my room =.=
    I kind of just hop over piles of clothes + notebooks on the floor. MY room is pretty small, so I can make it from the door to my bed in about two jumps.
    No I meant that as in "thanks but please stop because compliments make me super awkward".
    And where might I find that thread? There are no (?) pictures of me on here, but there are some doodles I made of myself, I think.
    ._. Don't say things like that
    I'm sure you're not bad-looking yourself :D
    Actually my science teacher lets us hold methane bubbles and set them on fire so I've almost been on fire. It was pretty cool, I even got pictures of it XD
    I kinda figured. You don't quite seem like the type of person to set me on fire, although admittedly it'd be a pretty spectacular way to go.
    'Cause I'm on fire ~ but you keep on standing still
    Yeah I'm burning down ~ but you keep on standing still
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