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  • *looks innocently back* But we could burn down so many things with this fire...
    Ha ha, that's good. C= I like gijinkas, too. I remember when I was first thinking about MC about a year ago that I really wanted a gijinka roleplay with some sort of loose plot, and when combined with other factors, MC became a thing. :0
    Maybe part of it is that some of my close friends are no longer active... And the Thera I communicate with by other means.
    ...I guess? They are the freedom fighters of the internet that have no name aren't they? The "Anonymous" group? Either this or I am probably completely off.

    We need people to keep posting, or get Ulqi/Black Yoshi to remove the inactives and let some other people in.
    Asdfghjkl I keep neglecting TCoD aigoo I'm sorry DX
    I remember when we broke up I used to be so addicted to this place... But after I went on hiatus... Iunno what happened
    Alright, I'll probably be watching just the sub from now on, because the dub isn't available on YouTube for World Series.
    Actually, some of the episodes I've watched both ways, and I might try doing that for all the episodes after I'm finished.
    I've just been watching the dub. I guess there a lot of people who hate it, but I enjoy the accents in the English dub - it really brings life to some of the characters. (Also, I don't usually watch much anime and I'd rather follow along without having to stop every few seconds to read the subtitles).
    So, after I've watched all 100 episodes and the movie, will I have a pretty good understanding of Hetalia, or are there a lot of details in the manga that are left out of the anime?

    Also, do you watch the English dub or the original Japanese with subtitles?
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