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  • Some kid on Tuesday almost got kicked off the bus for it. Now he has to sit at the front of the bus for the rest of the year. He also got screamed at.

    Our bus driver also yelled at some kids for standing up on the bus. When it wasn't even /on/.
    Shit like 'keep you knees under the table at lunch or that's two days of lunch detention', 'no sitting by girls on the bus,' 'don't hug,' etc.

    Oh yeah, and the fact that an inch-long laser pointer in the shape of a gun is a WEAPON and you should have I.P. for the rest of the year.
    I'm good, just wondering why I'm still up at twenty to one AM. :/ How are you?
    いいえ… あたたかいじゃないよ!
    あの… 日本語を分からない! /)_(\

    oh! nothing in particular, really. I just thought that hey, I should talk to dezzuu and what with my internet being what it is, #tcod isn't really a good idea.
    No, not weird. Just different, and different is good. The only thing I like is to start a fire and watch it spread. It just is interesting, in my opinion. Man, I sound like a weirdo. :x
    Ohhh... Hm, that's interesting. Most pyros I know just like the flames, not the aftermath.
    I only like mojitos really. :x

    nothing major like setting a house on fire or anything, right? i'm kinda a pyro, but we used to burn paper and cardboard boxes back home like everyday, so it's kinda died down. flame isn't really anything special anymore
    It's nothing too big really. I used to sneak out back home because, well, there was no one there. Um, occasional drinks? But I usually hate alcohol and my parents are okay with me drinking a bit so it's not really mischief. There's a lot I could do and get away with because my parents are okay with it or wouldn't punish me very harshly. I guess it helps that I'm their "baby". And one or two other things

    But nothing too severe. What about yourself?
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