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ASB Rules

Do we have to specifically mention it when we finish the battle (e.g. I get $5 + $15 dollars for reffing since it was ____'s first battle), or will you keep track of it?

Edit: Also, what if it's a person's first battle, but the battle was picked up before this update?
For now, please mention it.

This applies retroactively, so if it was the person's first battle before the update, you still get the money.


Also, if you ref a battle between two new ASBers, do you get an extra $30?
No, it's an all-or-none thing.


First they start.
Some changes in referee compensation that I alluded to before are now official:

- Referees no longer get free pokémon for rounds reffed. If you've been sitting on any battles that you still want to redeem, you have a week in which to do so.
- There is now a time element to how much a round is worth. If you ref a round within a week of commands being posted, you earn a $1/pokémon bonus on that round. If you take more than two weeks to ref a round, the amount you earn for it is cut in half.
Does this still count even if the battle's DQ time is over two weeks?
I'd assume the entire update is retroactive, but just to be sure: if you did a reffing within a week/more than two weeks after commands were posted before the update but haven't gotten around to claiming it, do you still get the bonus/deduction?
If you have any that you've held onto that would get the deduction, you can claim them at full value within the next week, but after that the deduction applies retroactively; the bonus is applied retroactively.
if one switches directly in a switch-style battle, the round ends at the endof that action, yes? and if switching happens by the effect of baton pass/u-turn/volt switch, does the round necessarily end there?
If a Pokemon uses Final Gambit to knock itself out as well as its opponent, will it result in a win, loss, or tie? Should an exception should be made for the simulation business, so people don't get all Final Gambit-happy?
Unless otherwise specified in the battle's rules, final gambit falls under the same rules as the selfdestruct clause—the user loses.
Like transform, if one were to give Ditto another move like Mirror Coat, would it be able to use it while transformed?
can the red card be recycled? does it ban the move for all pokémon, or just the pokémon which originally used the attack?
It can be recycled, and the ban applies to all pokémon.

Like transform, if one were to give Ditto another move like Mirror Coat, would it be able to use it while transformed?
Ditto can use any movepool modification it might have while transformed, but I think it unlikely that you'll manage to teach it mirror coat.
In the case that a signature attribute is made completely redundant by a new generation or a ~special DW ability adding~, are we allowed to change the attribute, even if that attribute was created at that evolution stage?
Yes, if your signature move/attribute gets uselessified by a game update, you can change it.
if we assume the sugimori art is drawn to scale, wailord turn out to have density a bit less than 1 kg m^-3, and, in fact, lighter than air up to about 3 km.

physics says wailord should be inherently flying, albeit with terrible maneuverability.

(well, perhaps a bit less, because it's rounded and I approximated it as a cylinder, but still, it's pretty not-dense.)
do tournament/event battles ever take up "slots"?

for that matter, do any battles other than those arranged on challenge board take up slots?
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