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Attacks and Abilities Guide

When your Pokemon is Attracted, is it any more likely to correctly execute its commands for the round if you were to do something like:

Example 1 said:
Okay, Breloom, use Double Team so that there's more of you to go around for her. Then use Swords Dance to impress her with your fighting spirit and grace. Finally, go with Stun Spore as you dazzle her with those gorgeous yellow spores.

Double Team (3 clones) ~ Swords Dance ~ Stun Spore

as opposed to:

Example 2 said:
Start with a 3-clone Double Team, then follow up with a Swords Dance to jack up that Attack. Since she's faster, you can put an end to that with a Stun Spore. Through all this, pay no heed to her - you're under Attract's effects.
Would you be able to use Confusion to take control of an attack like will-o-wisp and send it off course? I know you can do something like that with Psychic, but I wasn't sure about Confusion.
Confusion is weaker, so you probably wouldn't be able to do much precision control with it. Just knocking a will-o-wisp off course, though, sure.
Would a Pokémon with Run Away stand a better chance at dodging attacks (if it is commanded to do so) while asleep?
Would attacks that involve mental intrusion (Psychic, Extrasensory, etc.) ignore Double Teamclones? Also, since Lucario can apparently see the Aura, would it ignore Double Team clones?
My old school web account was deleted a few days ago, so the metronome generator went down. I've put it and the event moves list up again if you need them: metronome generator, event moves

Page styling to come when it's not 3:00 in the morning and I still have stuff to do.
If a Pokemon has Mist applied to them and uses a move/Signature Move with a stat drop recoil, it won't affect the user, correct?
Conversly, if the above happens and the user has the ability Contrary, will it receive a stat boost?
Does the damage cap affect energy draining (e.g. with Dream Eater) in any way?

EDIT: Also I assumed that Yawn-status would just fade without any effect if the target was already asleep when the time came, as it does in the games. Is it supposed to stick around until it can do something? This doesn't make much sense otherwise.
There is no cap on the amount of energy that can be lost per round (and thus none on energy draining).

The drowsiness caused by yawn does fade as soon as the affected pokémon goes to sleep--whether because of yawn or for any other reason. I'm not sure what doesn't make sense about that, though, unless I'm missing something... Lydda should shadow claw the first action, Liberalis yawns. Second action, Lydda uses rest, Liberalis uses dream eater. Third action, Lydda uses chill, Liberalis uses dream eater. First action next round, Lydda is asleep and possibly does something, Liberalis most likely dream eaters again...
But then what's the Yawn for? Lydda's going to end up asleep anyway...

EDIT: OH. I see. I didn't read Chiropter's commands properly; I somehow had it in my mind that Lydda was going to Rest no matter what. It makes sense.
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