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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Is there a reason you have Punishment add 15 to the base power for each stat boost instead of 20?

You can't do both at once, no. If it's not specified which form is to be used and it's not obvious from context (e.g. "Disable his double team!"), then it defaults to nerfing the most recent move the opponent used.

Kratos Aurion

Presumably because I didn't want it getting as powerful as fast as it would if it added 20 each time. I'll probably change it up to 20 soon unless I can remember specifically why I didn't use the game-default there.
How is accuracy determined?

1)By that I mean, I noticed that the reffs "throw dice" to determine wether an attack landed or not.

So, for instance, what dice score would a flying pokemon need to land a wing attack/air slash?

2) By how many percents(%) to hit(I.E. From 100% to 95%) do accuracy lowering attacks lower the defender's accuracy?
Whether or not an attack hits is determined by a randomizer.

How much an attack reduces accuracy depends. For something "standard" like sand attack, around 10% reduction per stage of accuracy lost is reasonable. However, for something like flash, the pokémon will experience a great loss of accuracy right after the move is used (when they're nearly blinded) that then fades as time goes on and their vision returns.

Accuracy is also affected by environmental conditions and the opponent; for example, if the opponent is very far away, accuracy will be slightly reduced; if they are close up, it will be harder for even inaccurate attacks to miss. Things like haze and sandstorm also reduce accuracy. Unless an attack is "unmissable" like aerial ace, it doesn't have "100%" accuracy in ASB--your psychic or thunderpunch could miss even without accuracy reduction, although this is quite rare.

How referees handle randomizer rolls differ; some have attacks miss on really high numbers, others on really low. For an air slash with 95%, I would say it misses if I roll a one, since I use d20's for most of my reffing.
The pokémon's current mood in battle. Pokémon don't really have a happiness score (pokémon that evolve by happiness do, kind of, but it doesn't correspond to the ones in the game at all). If the pokémon is in a good mood, return will do more; otherwise, frustration will do more.
Speaking of randomizers, what would you recommend to roll a move that calls upon other move randomly (i.e. Metronome or Sleep Talk)?
I have a metronome generator for metronome. For sleep talk, I usually was just lazy and just rolled a number out of 100 and counted down moves on the pokémon's list until I hit whatever I got; statistically bad news, but most of the time it's not a huge deal. Now I can do a "real" sleep talk by calling a pokémon's move randomly, but only on my computer because I have nowhere to host the script and associated database.
If the slower of two Pokemon uses a flinching move, such as say, Headbutt, will the faster Pokemon still flinch? So, basically, will it miss its next action?

Only if the clones happen to be within the radius of the protect/behind the protecting pokémon and thus shielded.


First Post said:
Flinching can only occur if the flinching attack is made before the target has made its move for that action.
Okay, I apologize in advance if I'm annoying you with all these questions (most which have answers elsewhere but have evaded my semi-oblivious radar), but will the move Psych Up go around Protect? It's a single-target move, so I'd think no, but it targets the stats instead of HP or energy, so I'm not entirely sure.
Hurk. Well, in the games, no, protect does not block psych up, but I try not to rag on obscure corners of game mechanics unless it makes sense for ASB... in general, just treat protect and detect like they block everything, unless the move (like feint) is specifically stated to go through or somehow counter it. The attack description for psych up suggests that it should be blocked, so I must regretfully admit that it should be blocked, yes.

I hate answering questions pertaining to battles I'm playing in. -_-;
> 70% health left, 20 power
35% - 70% health left, 40 power
20% - 34% health left, 80 power
5% - 10% health left, 100 power
< 5% health left, 200 power
How much health would a Pokémon lose for hitting itself in confusion?

Is it possible to paralyze an electric-type Pokémon using an electric-type move?
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Ummmmm, are we allowed to use the HGSS tutor moves... at all?

Not until the games are released in English.

Since Struggle's PP isn't explicitly stated anywhere, what is its base energy cost?

1%, given how weak an attack it is.

How much health would a Pokémon lose for hitting itself in confusion?

Is it possible to paralyze an electric-type Pokémon using an electric-type move?
A pokémon would probably do about 2-3% damage to itself out of confusion. However, that damage is affected by the attack/defense stat: a pokémon with raised attack will deal more damage to itself, as would a pokémon with reduced defense.

You can paralyze an electric type using an electric move unless the pokémon has volt absorb or something that would negate the effects of the electricity entirely.
Transform Question

If a Pokemon transforms into a Pokemon not on the field, can it still use its own attacks.

In an example:

If a Mew were battling an Onix, and Transformed into a Caterpie, could it still use the moveset it has a Mew, like Psychic and Aura Sphere, while in the form of a Caterpie?
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