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Attacks and Abilities Guide

That also contradicts the ruling that it doesn't bypass items. Also, what about self-inflicted things such as Thrash's confusion or the Hammer Arm drop?

I think there needs to be some sort of set criteria or a list or something.
I gave you the criteria, although I'll sneak flinch in there since it's technically not a status and so it wasn't clear that it was blocked previously:

The only moves that are affected by sheer force are those that cause a stat change, status effect, or flinch on the foe.

Does not affect hammer arm, drain punch, wake-up slap, smellingsalt, or thrash, and certainly nothing to do with items.
"Does Sheer force negate:

Healing of Drain Punch, status removing of wake-up Slap/Smeelingsalt, 100% effects like Rock Slide?

what about Life Orb like in the games?"

"It negates all those except life orb recoil."

That's what was confusing me, thanks for clarifying
Yup, I bothered to actually look up the definition of sheer force after that point; sorry about that.
As a result, pokémon with Mold Breaker ignore Flame Body, Volt Absorb, Wonder Guard, Motor Drive, Water Absorb, and all similar abilities that would ordinarily cause its damage to be nullified, instead striking the foe for damage calculated as though those abilities didn't even exist.

From mold breaker's description. I think you mean Flash Fire.
Probably not, unless they were close enough to the surface that it could throw/shove its master out of the tunnel.
Probably not, unless they were close enough to the surface that it could throw/shove its master out of the tunnel.
Could Acrobatics be used to cling to the side of a wall (much like the Acrobatics travel power in many superhero mmo's)? Would this give an immunity to Ground attacks or Earthquake at least?
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