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Bow Down Before Your Princess! (Not really)

Mew Mew Princess~

Mew Mew Strawberry
Hi! Mew Mew Princess here, and I'm glad to be here! Just to say- I love RPG's, so i'll probably make one early on. Very early on. And I also like Pokemon as well as Mew mew Power/Tokyo Mew Mew. My favorite Pokemon is probably Poochyena/Mightyena~ 9(Yeah, I read up on this sprite stuff!) So, laters!


Always a sucker for bubble tea
Hi, welcome to TCoD. I hope you have a nice time here - the role-playing forum is really active.

Do you like any other animes?

Mew Mew Princess~

Mew Mew Strawberry
Thanks, Seri! And I also like Sailor Moon (And my favorite charecter is Makoto/Lita), Sonic X (A girl can't watch a hedgehog move at the speed of sound at times? Fav charecter- Tails), and lookin' for more~
You seem pretty intelligent. I'm sure you'll be welcomed by the masses.

So yeah, have a great time being a part of this community and I'll check out your roleplay whenever you post it. I need to start roleplaying again.


Back in action!
Welcome to tCoD, Mew Mew Princess~! I like roleplaying a lot too, so it's likely that if your RP is a Pokémon one, I'll join! :) Even though there's tons of other stuff to do here, I usually just stick to roleplaying, thus the 100 or so RPs I'm in.

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
Welcome to TCoD. I'm Kai, and you'll mainly see me around the artwork forum or its sub-forums.


Blastoise Fortooate

Hello, I am Blastoise-the-Also-Roleplayer! I might join the RP that you make. There's a roleplay in the making right now, you should sign up... We are severely lacking in Trolls, Pixies, and Goblins...

Nidsharil, by Castform. LINK


New member
I like Tokyo Mew Mew too! YOUC AN'T MAKE ME BOW! *bow* Okay, maybe you can. I'm Dark FLamez, and Ii urge you to enjoy your stay! Probably whatever RPG you make, I'll join, because I like them~