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Capitalist Democracy Mafia 2: Credit Card Bubble

Welp, having taken the time to read through all of your comments, I'll put my two cents in.

First off: the broadcasts are crap. I have said this so many times. This could easily be a mafiosi messing with our heads! Think about it: someone could easily pick random people and claim either their innocence or guilt at random with no real basis in fact right now. Would you believe them? Probably not, because you have no evidence proving either side. So why should these broadcasts be any different? Also, DarkAuras innocence doesn't prove anything, as if what I'm saying is true about the messages, then you'd have a bigger chance of someone targeted by these messages being innocent then scum. So... the messages mean nothing to me.

(On a random but perhaps important note: Day 1 had two people targeted by the messages, Day 2 had one person, and now Day 3 had none. It's fairly weird, considering the pattern, but maybe it means nothing)

As for whom I'm lynching, well, I have no reason to not trust Cynder, and I doubt he's lying, so $1 on Zapi.
I remember a loooong time ago (I don't remember if it was here or elsewhere) that there was a role that could make the GM say something the user chose. It had limits of course, but there's that

I'm not sure if that's what's at foot, but I know that there are roles that can do that sort of thing.

$! on Zapi
This time fingers are pointed at two separate targets, but most of the town quickly falls in line against the same one. The rest of the day is quiet as the town mayor forgets to change the phase, but eventually the digital board starts to count everyone's votes:

$7 — Zapi
$2 — Metallica Fanboy

A red dot appears on Zapi's forehead, and he doesn't even bother trying to defend himself before he crumples to the floor. Looking through his pockets, the townspeople again find no money and a business card for the SPEND company. Now, if only they could figure out who else was affiliated with SPEND...

Zapi is dead.
He was scum.

Day 3 is over.
Night 3 has begun.
48 hours for night actions.
The day begins with another rousing chorus of buzzing smartphones. The citizens wake up to the following message:

Vipera Magnifica is neither innocent nor mafia.

Not sure what to think about this, everyone files back into City Hall. Someone does a quick headcount to find out who's been killed today, but instead, everyone is accounted for. What, then, shall the town do?

Night 3 is over.
No one died.

Day 4 has begun.
48 hours for day phase discussion.
Thank you to whoever gave me money. And a cheese wheel.

Sorry that I won't be of much help today, but I can at least say that VM lost $5 last night, and has no income, confirming the not innocent alignment.
Well there's no point in hiding it now. You heard him, folks, I am definitely not innocent. This is because I am the last of the mafia. After my two fellow mafioso died so early in the game, there's not much I could do, and now, after being pointed out by Cynder, who correctly identified all of the mafia, trying to defend myself would be a waste. Go ahead now and lynch me; if you do, this will all be over, I swear it on my honor as a snake. As for the broadcast saying I'm neither innocent or mafia, it turns out those really were wrong this whole time. Congratulations Cynder, you played an excellent game. I look forward to playing more games with you in the future.

I'll go ahead and contribute $38 to lynching myself. Thanks for a fun game everyone, even if it was such a short one!
Not so fast, VM! I know you're eager to end this game once and for all, but I simply cannot allow it until I have killed MF at least once. Preferably several times. God, I hate that guy.

MF, I challenge you to a fencing match! Let us see now who is the greater warrior... brother.
A sudden blast of trumpets blares from nowhere. Did anyone else notice a PA system in this building before? No? Where's the music coming from, then?

A duel has begun between Music Dragon and Metallica Fanboy!
All lynch votes up to this point are nullified, and the voting starts anew from this point on!

For the rest of the day phase, only Music Dragon and Metallica Fanboy may speak in the thread, but they can speak as much as they like. Lynch votes can be targeted only at either of them.

Everyone else can post ONLY the name of the person they're lynching (either MD or MF) and the dollar amount. So, for example: "Music Dragon $1" or "$1 on Metallica Fanboy". No other speaking is allowed. Discussion that breaks this rule will result in a modkill.

Since MD and MF are locked in a duel, the two of them are too busy battling and thus cannot send in lynch votes. They must rely on the rest of the town to do the lynching.

(It's been awhile since I've done The Thing and I didn't have a writeup prepared for this — sorry. If I forgot an aspect of The Thing that you think is important, please PM me and I'll clarify in the thread whether I'm using it or not. If I clarify that a rule is in place but someone had broken it beforehand, don't worry, they won't be penalized.)
Trumpets! I couldn't ask for a more appropriate entrance.

Sure is an experience, being on this side of The Thing, after being on an entirely different side of it for so long!

Unfortunately, it seems there's a good chance we're both town. You're obviously not lying about your role, and as for mine, you have even less reason to doubt Cynder's results now than you did earlier, and that's besides the latest day message potentially being rather dodgy. It's worth noting that neither of our roles is really to any extent a confirmation of townness, although mine at least has the benefit of basically already being billed as an identical version to the innocent variant shown at the end of the previous Capitalist Democracy Mafia game.

If we're really both innocent, though... Well. On the one hand, it's not as if my power is at all very useful. But on the other hand, yours just became useless now. Still, death-confirming my innocence would be useful to keep people on their toes about those messages. And yet, we don't really need to death-confirm my innocence, since the extent to which I'm confirmed now is pretty much as good as it gets without a death confirmaton.

Also, a quick question: what happens to the money VM already invested in voting before the onset of The Thing? Is he getting that back? (or, well, would any hypothetical player, under normal conditions, be getting their money back in that situation?)

(one way or another, if we have any remaining mafiosi who are not VM or affiliated with VM, you know just what to do next Night. make off with all his cash and his life.)

Oh, by the way, VM? If you were being honest about giving up back there? Now's your chance. Post anything other than a vote and a cash amount, and you're dead. There wouldn't be any difference between that and lynching yourself, provided that the goal is to die. But I guess you won't be so eager if that was a ploy, one way or another.
Hehehe! He's right, you know! If you really just wanted to end the game, VM, then you can modkill yourself here and now.

I'm impressed, MF. You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.
Hmm. Uh, just in case VM's creative artwork doesn't count, it would be nice if literally anyone else could cast a vote! Hehehe!
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