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and golf, for some reason?)
It occurs to me that Trump owns several golf courses. It may be reaching for the conclusion, but perhaps that is why they appear so irate about golf? It appears to be a thing that only members of the Trump fanclub have a particular penchant for during the lockdown.

In order to remain on topic:

My own Coronavirus predicament is one of listening to the governmental advice, quietly despairing over the simpletons in charge, and then looking at the current WHO guidelines again to ensure that nothing has changed. I wear a facemask in public, both for my own protection and to ensure that if that protection fails that I won't be giving the virus to others while I am asymptomatic.

I live in the hardest-hit country in Europe. The official figures state that over 20,000 people have already died, but those figures are completely misleading. They fail to take into account deaths-at-home and carehome-deaths, since the current regime apparently gets publicly aroused every time it tells a huge lie to the public and has its pet journalists fawn over every word. The man currently in charge would be better off in clown college, I think, since he would be unlikely to cause anywhere near as much harm, even if he were to haunt the dreams of everyone he met.

As far as the virus goes, so far I appear to be unscathed. If any family have it, they have remained silent during the weekly video-conferencing we have in order to make sure that everyone is well. Preparedness, yes certainly, but also luck; I have no illusions that we still don't know exactly how the virus spreads, nor whether anyone I have come into contact with recently has it.

Tests are not a thing here, neither is contact-tracing; it's like the government wants everyone to die by suffocation just because they're not wealthy.


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My state announced today that the reopening was rescheduled from May 10ᵗʰ to an indeterminate date in June. A bunch of wild stuff happened since I made my longpost here, but frankly, at this point all it’s worth to say is – the federal government is a bunch of asshats who have no idea what they’re doing. They aren’t supporting the public health and they are far from doing a good job at supporting the economy either; tldr we’re gonna die coughing and penniless


sorry guys, don’t lose
sometimes i look at the curve predictions, like, the Good Ones that show the curve dipping in june. then i remember no one's going to keep distancing after the orders are lifted and i get depressed. please i want to go back to college


I'd say 'look at the recovery rates', but then I don't think anyone here is as gullible as the person who tried to say that to me. The only thing the recovery rates indicate is the failure rate of this culture of public indifference; 1000 people getting the virus is far too many, but is acceptable if the infection rate then drops. Over 1,000,000 is the sign that people have voted in a clown show, rather than a government.


sorry guys, don’t lose
you're right. i think it's also fair though that it's a lot to take in constantly :( obviously it's valid that this is confirmation of uh. quite a few large-scale failures

(which is to say, ty mawile for the link! it is appreciated)


...but that's ok! Because this is a seaplane!
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It's not quite as awful as that but, i do feel sad that the first half of my summer is going to be eaten by the Coronavirus. Yay. At least i'll have the isle of armor DLC to keep me company.


caretaking is a huge effort already but how much more careful we have to be really stacks the difficulty on. we've had to limit our personal support workers' visits and there's obviously no way to reach out to care homes right now and ask about waiting lists because like. people are dying

but handling everything on our own is also... so unsustainable. I hate the position that we've been put in, and what a nightmare it is for long-term care overall. it's been neglected and underfunded and working on a vulnerable skeleton crew already for so long, and now workers and patients are paying so deeply for that

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I've been furious about my city's mayor using BLM protests as an excuse to close every single COVID-19 testing center in the city, literally endangering everyone to punish people for protesting about getting killed. He cited a video of a police car burning on Twitter to justify it, as if a car's worth more than human lives.


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Things are weird here. We have a pretty bad case number here. But a lot of places have opened back up and people are acting like everything is back to normal. Some places here are still closed.

A lot of people here don’t wear masks and do not keep the 6 ft distancing rule. It’s frustrating.


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A few places, like restaurants and movie theaters have opened again, but cautiously. We have a high number of people with the virus but thankfully not as many deaths. The sad part is people meet and aren't very cautious about wearing masks and social-distancing much. But culturally we're the type to have less personal space than in the US and be more physically affectionate, so it's been a change

Like.. Culturally it may even be considered rude if everyone is social distancing and wearing masks. Though I know safety should come before cultural formalities but not everyone seems to get that..