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And my state has a stay at home order, for the most part, starting tomorrow for TWO WEEKS


Marshadow Fan
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I have to do online school. It sucks because most of my teachers spend almost no effort and just put up work for me to do and then i finish really fast. Only 3 of my teachers have actually done video-call type classes. I'm not pleased.

We have a stay at home order here in Austin, Texas. And Me and my little sister are close to murdering each other and i miss my significant other a lot. I had depression for a bit.

I am getting very bored very fast.

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
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Here in Puerto Rico they've extended the stay at home order for two more weeks (til Easter Sunday) and the curfew as well (9pm-5am -> 7pm-5am). Starting on the 31st (when these extensions take effect), supermarkets close on Sundays, and those cars with even-numbered license plates can drive Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while the odd ones can drive Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (there are exceptions for medical appointments).

Although the governor hasn't been stellar in some areas re: this crisis, these policies have really been putting me at ease.