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Creepiest Song?

Parabola is a happy song about sex. Not creepy.

From the same album, though, Faaip De Oiad by Tool is incredibly creepy. It's basically just cacaphonous, dissonant sounds, accompanying a terrified man's voice describing an alien encounter. It's not really a song, though. The creepiest song song might be Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead... or some other song that I can't think of right now...
Serge Gainsbourg's got a couple with creepy lyrics. Marilou Sous La Neige is sort of a stealth-creepy one, since it's got a pretty happy tune. The problem is that as the song progresses, it gets about being more controlling of Marilou, until at the end the singer sets her on fire. The snow in the title (Sous La Neige) is the foam from the fire extinguisher. And as if it weren't weird enough the song has a companion piece where the lyrics talk about smashing her skull in with the fire extinguisher before lighting her up.
But they sound so charming.

Sex Shop is just... strange. It's just Gainsbourg talking to a girl about the fact that she cheated on him and calling her a slut and a whore and a liar and asking her to describe everything, but with a smooth voice over a pretty peaceful melody.

Then there's Lemon Incest, which is a song he sung with his daughter just to gross everyone out.

Nirvana's Polly isn't very nice either. Because it's about a girl who gets raped and tortured with a blowtorch. So, er, yeah.
Meshuggah - In Death Is Death, and Porcupine Tree - Strip The Soul both qualify as a slow, creepy soundtrack to some strange indie film about unnecessary surgery.
How has no one mentioned Revolution 9? I n my opinion it's by far one of (or the) creepiest "songs" ever written. (I also think it's one of the best.)
How has no one mentioned Revolution 9? I n my opinion it's by far one of (or the) creepiest "songs" ever written. (I also think it's one of the best.)

Oh gosh...oh gosh. I agree with you.

Sorry for bumping this a bit, but this is seriously true.

Well, the first tme I listened to it was yesterday. At night. Nightmare Fuel incarnate.

And I thought I heard it tonight just a few minutes ago. Alone. At Night. I think I was just hearing things, but when I thought I heard some of the music, I tensed up.

But, I can listen to it in the mornng, a bit. xD
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