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Daily Pokemon Discussions

Zangoose is an amazing fighter, mainly because of Crush Claw in the 4th gen. Also, what is this RNG? (On a completely different note. =P)
Actually, Seviper and Zangoose have the same eyes, just flipped:

That is very cool, actually.

I've always thought the red design on Zangoose is supposed to look like scars? And the red at the end of its paws are supposed to be look like it's blood-stained or something. Anyhow, Zangoose is awesome (look at those claws).
And the red at the end of its paws are supposed to be look like it's blood-stained or something. Anyhow, Zangoose is awesome (look at those claws).
I agree with Zangoose is awesome
But shiny Zangoose has blue on the end of its paws, and blood isn't blue...
Nah, blue-bloods aren't quite nobles. The 1%, maybe, but not nobles.

In addition, does light-blue even exist as a blood color?
In this thread: People try to rationalize Zangoose's shiny design.

Well, shiny voltorb/electrode could be because great balls are blue. Geodude is golden because gold is a metal-rock thingy?
The sandile line...?
Krokorok got experimented upon and it failed then something happened with a bee. The iron in Geodude rusted. Voltorb is trying to make more camoflages for itself and is creating a range of Poke Ball designs. Problem solved. =D
The Krokorok one is just a random mutation with different-colored scales. Voltorb-line is a Great Ball variant, and shiny Geodude has too much sulphur in it.
Of course, the whole Zangoose argument up there is all based on the speculation that the red patterns on the ends of Zangoose's paws are bloodstains...
Gulpin: I rarely use this guy, but actually like him quite a bit. Liquid Ooze has always appealed to me for some reason. I hate Swalot's mustache though. *shudder*

Zangoose: I've always loved this guy as well. And Seviper. I think the marks are scars for both of them. Maybe to reference their feudy thing?
Gulpin: I don't really like this guy. He's slow, doesn't have any awesome gimmicks, and he doesn't hit well at all. I like the Wismur line better.
Zangoose: Awesome looking, but I don't like it as much as the similar Absol.
Gulpin helped me a lot during one of my Sapphire runs with its awesome HP... But you have to admit, it looks pretty silly and why is there a mustache
I quite enjoyed using a Gulpin and its evolution in a RSE run; always had a soft spot for its design too. It's just chilling after all and rivals Munchlax in eating abilities!

Also moustaches are awesome. =p

Zangoose is a Pokemon I always liked the design of as well (often looks like he's going to mess something up, heh) but have not yet ever used in a game. Might need to change that sometime.
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