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Daily Pokemon Discussions

the cofagrigus/yamask line is easily the single most disturbing one in Pokemon, and that's saying a lot. Seriously, read the dex entries for Yamask. You're battling with the soul of a dead human. :o
Cofagrigus is pretty neat. I like its cartoonishly evil design.

EDIT- I think I may have already posted this opinion... oh well.
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Cofagrigus, not much to say really. Mummy, not that useful really. Unless someone stupidly sets up a Machamp against it. And them teeth are for using Crunch. Because all Ghost-types need to know Crunch. =P
I love cofagrigus! I think it's totally adorable, ah!

Not much else to say about it, though. I don't really use it, but my brother caught a shiny one that he uses, and my boyfriend also uses it, so I guess it's a pretty good pokemon judging by that alone.

(Also my boyfriend called his Tutenkemon, which is a pretty darn good pun if I say so myself!)
I love Cofagrigus! The name could have been overseen better (or written so that it could more easily be guessed to be 'ko-fuh-gree-gus') but i love it. It works well in-game as a wall, and spamming Confuse Ray with Will-o-Wisp was a pastime of mine in BW.
Has anybody done Flareon yet?

I love Flareon, especially for its big fluffy tail and charmining personality.
Wow... Nice stat distribution you have there! And it's so fluffy! Almost like a red Eevee with more fluff (which is yellow). Electric-types have spiky manes and Fire-types have fluffy manes. Also has Flash Fire, which is good.
Number five hundred eighteen, says the RNG.


Musharna. Kinda bulky, really slow. Bianca has one. Red/Blue camper says pink pokemon with flowers, Munna appears. Weird psychic dream mist powers-thingy.
Musharna has a fascinatingly cute/weird elephant fetus-like design (though I guess it was based on some kind of incense thing)! I really like it, it looks charmingly wonderfulcreepy with its eyes open, what with those eyelashes and all.

I'm not a competitive battler but at least in-game it's fun to use despite its lack of speed.I guess part of the charm comes from its unique cry :P
I think this line is something between Drowzee and Jigglypuff. Cute pink hypnotic dream tapir that is all round and evolves by Moon Stone. And it spouts purple dream mist from its head. Interesting... Useful for psychiatrists.
I never used one, until Unova after I got a Dream World Bagon. And I really like them now! Although their wings are really weirdly shaped. But, yeah, I might breed her to get more Sheer Force Bagon because Moxie is the best ability and I need something that sort of burly to beat the Battle Subway.
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