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Eclipse's Sprite Comic of Utter Randomness


High-functioning sociopath

Well, the comic explains all.
Here's the form to join, but you can also PM the information too. x3

Name: (Can also be nicknames, since they are useful to use if I run out of dialogue space.)
Gender: (You can leave it blank meaning nobody will know.)
Sprite: (Honestly, whats a character in a sprite comic without a sprite?)
Personality: (You can list it or you can be elaborate too.)
Likes and Dislikes:

So post away~


local hellion
Name: Flora
Gender: Female
<-That, my friend, is called Spamming of Shaymin's Flower. ^^
Personality: Hyper. Hyper-hyper-hyper.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Flowers (as you can see), shiny stuff, CANDY
Dislikes: Mean people



Anything but unremarkable
Name: Snowy)
Gender: Male

Personality: Shy and reclusive.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes to fly around on his cloud, looking down at the world below. Dislikes being too near to others.

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
Name: Anseyu
Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet and dark, yet always seems to be generally happy. Has a twisted sense of humor.
Likes and Dislikes:
Likes morbid humor and heavy metal
Dislikes fat ballerinas

Fluffy the Eevee

Also known as Fluff n' Snuff!
Name: Fluffy
Gender: Female

Personality: Hyper, buuut not as hyper as Flora... Funny too!
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: PIE! AND LOTS OF IT!!!! Dislikes: Mean people!

*Tries to be funny*

Edit: I just realized that I made the same dislike as Flora...


New member
What are those line things between Flora and Snowy?

Oh, and I noticed a spelling error:
Other than mom...

That's all.
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High-functioning sociopath
Well, it's actually implying he's moving away from Flora, and the second panel suggest the "camera" getting closer to Flora and Eclipse, the current moment's "star".

Involuntary Twitch

I want the earth to spin in the opposite direction
Sounds like fun! I want to join. :3 However, I would advise cutting back on the fourth-wall-breaking jokes (we're in a comic! yaaay!) and the exaggeurations of character (I'm hyper, see? hyperhyperhyper! This is funny!) in place of real comedy. But then... you don't have anything else going for you, do you? xD

I don't like the sprite I currently have for my Pokesona, so I'm making a new one as we speak. |D I'll edit this post when I'm done. EDIT: done xD

Name: Zephyr
Gender: Female

Personality: Zephyr enjoys living life to the fullest, and is very daring and will try anything fun within reason. She makes friends quickly, but doesn't tend to keep them as she can't hold a conversation very well. She is irritated by excess sillines however, and while her temper isn't firey it is ice cold
Likes: Exploration, discovery, the feeling of accomplishment
Dislikes: Disappointment, losing

This good? :D I'm afraid her personality might not be simple enough to work with...
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