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Group One: Magma Storm Bracket [MC2012]

I will be using Mike and Riley for this one. If needed, I will control the camera to do all the zooming and moving around.

We start out with the shot of Mike sitting outside, in a park or tea garden in the town, enjoying a nice cup of afternoon tea and the lovely Asber weather. There’s a small round table in front of him, on the top of which sits a nice vase of flowers, a small plate of cucumber sandwiches—you know, your usual tea stuff. There’s also a small but pleasant pond right next to him. Over all, it’s quite peaceful.

The biker gangs should appear in the park/tea garden around now. Mike will completely ignore the chaos going on in the background and continue drinking his tea.

Suddenly, Riley will come roaring on to the scene on his motorcycle! (If needed, punch one of the bikers and steal his bike before the appeal begins. And also steal his clothes and wear them, if you can. Make sure to get the most gangster-looking one you can! Do all of this off-camera, of course.) He stops right beside Mike’s table, ready to cause trouble. Riley will make glaring faces at Mike and do general intimidating biker gang things. However, Mike will ignore the gangster Riley completely. Nonchalantly, he will place his cup of tea down on the table and reach toward a cucumber sandwich as if the biker isn’t even there.

Gangster Riley will now act enraged at being ignored, and, in a fit of anger, flip the table with a Sky Uppercut! Don’t jump up for this Sky Uppercut; just stay on the ground. Make sure you actually flip the table though. This will cause the items on the table, including Mike’s tea, to fly off. The camera zooms in on the tea cup as it falls on the ground and shatters into pieces. If needed, use an extremely fragile tea cup or even a prop tea cup for this so it would actually break. Also make sure the vase and the sandwich plate don't break (use plastic ones if needed).

The camera then goes back to Mike. Mike will withdraw his paw from the cucumber sandwiches and stand up calmly. Riley will still be leering at Mike at this point. Suddenly, Mike will turn to Riley and Focus Punch the gangster in the jaw! This will cause Riley to fly up and backwards (Riley, you might need to jump up yourself, but try to do it so it seems like it’s Mike’s punch that made you fly). But it’s not over! While Riley is still in the air, Mike will follow up the onslaught with Rock Wrecker, sending Riley flying through the air, finally crashing into the pond. (Riley, you might need to jump around somewhat, using the flying rocks for leverage, to get yourself into the pond. Make sure it looks like you’re being battered instead of actually being in control of the situation though). The camera will zoom in on Riley to follow the gangster as he flies through the air and falls into the pond.

So it turns out that Riley can’t swim or maybe just has hydrophobia, and the gangster Splashes around in the water in panic for a while. When the Riley finally crawls out of the pond, the camera will turn up to focus on a very angry looking Mike glaring down at the gangster. Glaring angrily, Mike will point at the flipped table and the mess on the ground. Riley will act afraid, turn the table back over, and put everything back where it belonged. However, the tea cup is still broken! Mike, still looking very angry, will point at the tea cup. Riley will sneak a peak at his motorcycle, then start tiptoeing toward it totally inconspicuously (by that I mean do it in a way that is totally obvious). Mike will use Hone Claws menacingly, then point at the broken tea cup again. Riley will be absolutely terrified at this point (squeaking in fear is allowed) and use Recycle on the tea cup, fixing it. Mike will now nod in satisfaction, and Riley will flee from the scene.

Mike: Focus Punch ~ Rock Wrecker ~ Hone Claws
Riley: Sky Uppercut (flip table) ~ Splash ~ Recycle
I'll use Aang and Roosevelt. If we can use musics, I'd like suspense music, but if not it's not a problem. I'll man the camera.

First, we fade in to Aang, walking nervously through the path. He gulps, when Roosevelt uses ExtremeSpeed to pass by him like a blur. Scared, he sets up a weak, flickering Quick Guard. The camera then switches to Roosevelt's POV, looking down on a nervous Aang. At this point Aang is sweating, because of nervousness and heat. Roosevelt proceeds to use Shift Gear as he slowly stalks his prey.

This sounds alert Aang, who follows the sound, encounters Roosevelt and tries to attack Roosevelt using Double Edge. Seeing the charge, Roosevelt starts Counter. The impact sends the bear soaring, but he is able to do a back flip and land. Then Roosevelt starts his charge, plowing through Aang and smashing him in the side of a volcano. Aang slides down, limp, lying ominously stilill on the floor, bruised and bloody, while Roosevelt cackles evilly. Then a fade to black.

Aang: Quick Guard(weak, flickering)~Double Edge~Lie ominously still, bruised and bloody on the floor

Roosevelt: ExtremeSpeed(past Aang)~Shift Gear(moving toward Aang)~Counter
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Welp, I think I've mulled over this long enough.

For this I'll be using Lollipop the Panpour and Mondo the Drilbur.

Panpour Drilbur

Now, this is going to take the utmost manner of timing from the both of you. So look lively! We're going to be doing a little acting.

The lights in the lab are slightly dimmed, bright enough to keep everything lit enough to see, but low enough to let the morally-ambiguous experiments cast their eerie glow on the scene.

Lollipop, before you enter the shot take a pokemon-sized labcoat off the wall and put it on (I'm sure a pokemon could be a scientist if they wanted to be, right?) Mondo will have all his fur roughed-up and generally made to look as scary as possible without using any props.

Lollipop, the scene starts with just you. Mondo will be hiding behind a desk or counter or something out of the camera's eye (don't worry, buddy, you'll come in soon). Go up to the counter that Mondo's hiding behind and start Flattering yourself on your accomplishments as a scientist (Yes I know it'll be in pokespeak and most of the human audience won't understand it, but at least make grand gestures as you're doing it. It's mostly for distraction and dramatics anyway. But if you start to feel confused, stop! Don't want to ruin the whole show, do we?).

But keep your back turned to the camera, as it'll hide the eye-flashes triggered by your next move: Use Future Sight, and plant the attack inside a machine underneath where the camera is mounted. I'll let you know when you should plant it in just a moment.

But once you've planted the Future Sight (Don't spend too much time setting it up! Only Flatter yourself long enough to plant the attack!), snatch the convenient vial of green liquid off the counter and turn towards the camera, holding it up dramatically. Then drink it down. (Don't worry, it's just a harmless control subject made up of sugar water and some food colouring)

At this point, your "experiment" will take effect! Stagger, clutch your throat and be dramatic!

Here's where you come in, Mondo. Use Shadow Ball, but don't focus it into ball form. Control the energy to create an ethereal smokescreen around Lollipop. Lollipop, after Mondo's done that start adding to the spooky atmosphere of that screen using Mist Ball. But while the Attacks and Abilities guide says that it's psychic fluff formed into a ball, do what Mondo did. Let the fluff swirl around you and mix with the Shadow Ball energy, hiding as much of your form as you possibly can. At this time, switch places to where Lollipop is hiding behind the counter and Mondo's behind the screen.

Both of you, drop the screen now, and let the Mist Ball fluff fall to the ground. As the screen is fading, Mondo, follow up with Mirror Coat, but just use it in a brief flash, letting it fade dramatically to reveal that Lollipop's experiment twisted him into a horrible monster!

Mondo, belt out the biggest evil laugh you can (if you're unable to make one, just make a little gesture to me and I'll supply one from offscreen), throwing your head back and spreading your vicious claws. Then start wrecking the place with Dragon Claw. If you can only target one machine, target the one closest to the camera. When you've caused sufficient mayhem, retreat the scene, laughing all the way.

At this point I will rush in wearing a lab coat. "Oh my God, Doctor!" I'll shout, "What have you do-" But I won't get to finish. Lollipop, train the Future Sight on this very spot in time to make it seem like the machine couldn't handle Mondo's onslaught. It explodes into a glorious blaze, knocking me back with a scream, as well as hopefully knocking the camera off its holding. But just jostling it around is good too.

Lollipop: Flatter + Future Sight (hidden from view) ~ Mist Ball (concentrated into screen)
Mondo: Shadow Ball (Concentrated into screen) ~ Mirror Coat (very briefly) ~ Dragon Claw
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Sylar and Milo, let’s demonstrate the futile struggle to stave off the inevitable decay of industry, shall we?

Sylar, you’ll be representing the “heart” of the refinery, as it were. Float around the refinery, watching with satisfaction the proper functioning of all the machinery (and the human workers maintaining them, if there are any - I’m not sure how automated the place is, but it shouldn’t matter for this). Keep your gears clicking in perfect clockwork rhythm with the machinery working all around you. Make your way to one of the portions of the refinery where machines are pouring molten iron into containers, preferably with some on both sides of you (be sure to keep a safe distance from them), and stop for a moment to sigh in contentment. Everything is working in perfect harmony, until…

Milo, today you’ll be playing the part of the inevitable march of decay. Start off hidden up on the ceiling. Wait for Sylar to stop, then use Magic Room from your hiding place, shutting down every machine in the immediate area and causing the vision of perfectly-functioning industry to shudder to a halt. (This will probably also turn out the lights, but the place should have some windows, and the molten iron should provide some ambient light, which will be good for atmosphere. Any human workers should probably flee uneasily at this point.)

As Sylar looks around frantically, its gear movement losing its perfect rhythm, descend behind Sylar from the ceiling on a webline (or crawl down the wall from behind if a webline would count as a move. Either way, try to look ominous.) Come to a stop on the floor, and stare dispassionately at Sylar (you two should be at opposite ends of the aisle containing the molten iron at this point - the camera should alternate between the two of you).

Sylar, you break off the staring contest first, determined to take out this unwelcome intruder in your factory! Using both your gear-heads in concert, fire off two simultaneous Flame Bursts (or one right after the other, if you can’t manage that), one at each side of the aisle, aiming at the supports holding the containers of molten iron in place. The explosion the attacks cause should set off a domino effect, setting all the containers spilling their contents to the floor. You don’t have to touch the ground, so you should be okay, but the same can’t be said for your arachnid opponent…

But entropy is not so easily defeated; Milo, before any of the molten iron can flow toward you, send a great Fissure down the aisle, splitting the floor and draining the iron out before it can do you any harm.

At this point, Sylar, you know you’ve been defeated; lower yourself and lay flat on the floor, Tears of despair (Fake ones, but the audience doesn’t need to know that) leaking from your mechanical eyes. The camera should film from above you for a moment so we can see this, then cut back to Milo. Satisfied with your work, Milo, you intend to leave behind a symbol of your victory here - breathe a great Fire Blast, in the shape of a spider-web, onto the wall above where Sylar has fallen, leaving a charred image of a web for the camera to focus on as the appeal comes to a close.

Milo: Magic Room ~ Fissure ~ Fire Blast (web)
Sylar: Flame Burst + Flame Burst ~ Fake Tears
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