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Group One: Magma Storm Bracket [MC2012]



2012 Metronome Contest

Judges: Metallica Fanboy, Byrus, RespectTheBlade

- Derpy
- Sunflower
- bulbasaur
- Crazy Linoone
- Chiropter
- Meursault
- I Liek Squirtles
- Mawile
- Superbird
- Mai

Current Round: 2nd


A: Mist Ball, Future Sight, Waterfall, Flatter
B: Shadow Ball, Mirror Coat, Dragon Claw, Cotton Spore

A: Fissure, Endeavor, Fire Blast, Magic Room
B: Fury Cutter, Flame Burst, Fake Tears, Mirror Shot

A: Head Smash, Present, Razor Wind, Power Trick
B: Vacuum Wave, Perish Song, Flame Burst, Earthquake

Crazy Linoone
A: Focus Punch, Mud-Slap, Rock Wrecker, Switcheroo
B: Metal Sound, Thunderbolt, Splash, Recycle

I Liek Squirtles
A: Quick Guard, Telekinesis, Double-Edge, Bubble
B: Shift Gear, Acid Spray, ExtremeSpeed, Counter


Sunflower - Shady Laboratory
This corporate research room was forcefully kindly lended to the Metronome Contest by big business. All over the place, one will find rather suspicious studies and experiments going on, often of questionable morality.

Chiropter - Advanced Ironworks
This refinery works with iron ore mined from Mt. Coronet, making all sorts of metallic objects. Watch out for containers of molten iron -- it's extremely hot! Humans and Pokémon alike could get burns just from standing near that.

bulbasaur - Dragon's Den
At the bottom of one already elusive Blackthorn City, lies the super-secret training grounds of the Dragon User Clan. Their Master inhabits a shrine built over the waters of the deepest chamber in the den. Dratini and Magikarp lurk the extensive underground lake, with Dragonair swimming at the bottom. Disturbing the peace and quiet of this place might anger the dragon tamers -- and who knows what they can do with this kind of underling friend!

Crazy Linoone - Biker Revolution
Oh, no! A roving band of lawless motorbike-riding rogues is threatening to take over the streets of this peaceful, but busy town! Will it be possible to make an appeal amidst this madness?

I Liek Squirtles - Volcanic Mountains
A thin, unsafe, badly kept road weaves around several active, black volcanoes, close to their mouthes. The lava is visible; the smoke obscures the sky (rendering Sunny Day ineffective if used), but people traveling on the road are distanced from it enough to breathe properly. There is a hot spring in the vicinty for water-dwelling Pokémon and water-based attacks.


Lollipop: Flatter + Future Sight ~ Mist Ball (concentrated into screen)
Mondo: Shadow Ball (concentrated into screen) ~ Mirror Coat ~ Dragon Claw

Milo: Magic Room ~ Fissure ~ Fire Blast (web)
Sylar: Flame Burst + Flame Burst ~ Fake Tears

Crazy Linoone
Mike: Focus Punch ~ Rock Wrecker ~ Hone Claws
Riley: Sky Uppercut (flip table) ~ Splash ~ Recycle

I Liek Squirtles
Aang: Quick Guard ~ Double-Edge ~ lie down ominously
Roosevelt: ExtremeSpeed ~ Shift Gear ~ Counter
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Let's go with Bass (Munchlax, M, Pickup, Soothe Bell)

Set up a Barrier about four or five feet from the edge of the stage (without moving, if at all possible), then quickly get Fire Spin going around yourself in as big and dazzling a fashion as you can. Once that's up, fire a Gunk Shot through the resulting vortex out through the barrier. Hopefully, the gunk will catch fire and be split up in the barrier, leading to many tiny flames raining on the front of the stage once the fire spin dies down.

Barrier ~ Fire Spin ~ Gunk Shot

edit: oh yeah, lighting! Near blackout would be preferred so that the audience cannot see the Barrier (assuming it's glass- or plastic-like in appearance) and that the embers are all the more dazzling.
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I'm going to use Snap, my female sandile with moxie. I will also be needing a pool for my appeal.

First of all, use dive. Then jump out of the water and try and use ice shard so many shards of ice end up on you. If you cannot do that, just jump into the ice shards so you are surrounded by them. After that use heat crash to melt the ice around you, hopefully making your body glisten and look nice.

Dive~Pop back up and use ice shard~Heat crash on ice shards

Man, this is hard! DX
Euclid, my Deino, will be the one who'll hit the stage. So, little guy, how'd you like to play monster?


On the stage there will be a small model of a city, with about seven or eight wooden skyscrapers attached, each about a foot and a three inches high. You'll stomp onto the scene, growling and baring your teeth. I want you to use Acid, but don't spew it right out onto the little city. Let it dribble down your face like drool, and make sure to splash some onto the buildings and make sure that it drips down the sides, letting the audience see the corrosion and making a fair amount of smoke. But don't waste too much time, once you've given the audience a good look at that and let the smoke clear (step out of the smoke a bit if you have to), let out a loud growl, and mix the sound with Metal Sound. You'll be a dead ringer for Godzilla. After your mighty battlecry, unleash your wrath upon the city with Aeroblast, mixing it with the acid already on your face and reducing the city to splinters.

Acid ~ Metal Sound + Growling ~ Aeroblast
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(Mawile - Poison Fang, Confusion, ViceGrip, Rock Blast)

First of all, I'd like a zombie ghost prop (towards the audience's left) and dim lighting. My pokemon will be wearing this outfit (minus the gun).

Now, let's go John! Except, this time you won't be John Egbert, but John Freeman. It's time to live up to your family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES.

As the appeal begins, I want you to be a few feet away from the zombie ghost prop and mouth "It's time for me to live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES." as I yell it into a mic offstage, making it look as if you're saying it. Then run towards the zombie ghost and you'll say "Zombie ghost! LEAVE THIS PLACE!" as you're running. When you reach it, use Vice Grip on the zombie ghost's neck, just barely damaging it.

Next do a backflip off the zombie ghost and you'll yell "I have to kill fast and strangling is TOO SLOW." You'll use Rock Blast, aiming chunks of the wall at the zombie ghost's head. You'll decapitate it, and then you will use Confusion to fling its corpse away as you walk to center stage.

Lastly you will look out towards the audience and say "I must kill the next boss and live up to FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!"

Vice Grip ~ Rock Blast ~ Confusion

(this is stupid)
All right. For this appeal, I'll be using Quabbel, my Frillish. I would like the area to be almost entirely dark, with blue spotlights pointed at the circular pool of water. Quabbel will be dressed in a shiny blue tunic. If possible, the water in the pool should be thick enough so that something cannot be seen below the surface.

Okay, Quabbel, we're going to focus on mystery and grace in this appeal. I want you to begin as deep in the pool as you can go, hidden as much as possible from the view of the spectators. Your appeal will start when everyone is quiet. At this point, use Relic Song loudly to produce a beautiful but eerie melody that will be heard by the audience even outside of the water. Keep singing for at least forty-five seconds, and then begin to rise out of the water. When you begin to get near the surface, use Splash as you emerge from the water to spray water all around you, like you just burst out. If you can't control a Splash enough to make a pretty/amazing bursting out effect, just try to shoot yourself up out of the water instead, and then descend to float right above the water's surface. Continue singing immediately with Relic Song when you're out of the water, and by the time the water has settled all the spotlights should be pointed at you. Continue to sing your Relic Song as beautifully as possible. When finished, I want you to stop singing, turn toward the judges and take a bow.

Relic Song ~ Splash/Emerge ~ Relic Song

...whee, Splash has practical applications!
Using Luke Skywalker, my Elgyem for this.

Um, no lights. At all. Except a spotlight pointing at you. After that, use Cosmic Power while a giant replica of the Milky Way Galaxy descends behind you. Assuming your sparkling like a fake vampire (I read the M&A Guide), start summoning Ancient Power around you. Make the rocks levitate around you like the Sun and the planets. Finally, start floating up (with the rocks) while the Milky Way prop starts ascending.

Cosmic Power~Ancient Power around you~Ascend with the Milky Way prop

*crosses fingers*
Taxxon's up! I feel not-too-confident about this (especially since res decided to eat things this was my only idea and I thought of it immediately after reading the attack description) but okay let's just. Try to make it to the next round, yeah.

We'll be going for terrifying, today... or comical. I'm not quite sure. My prop will be a huge, white dinner plate, set in the middle of the stage--it'll take up a significant portion of it, but make it obvious that it's not just a random platform. I'd like to have the stage completely dark, except for a single, slightly dimmed spotlight on the plate. It's where all of the appeal will be taking place anyway. Aaand this seems a good a soundtrack as any.

The show will begin after Taxxon lurches onto the stage from below, looking feral, hungry and intimidating. You can see his bones through his skin; they're fragile, almost nonexistent things, and he looks semi-transparent, like a puffed-up balloon with dark outlines of internal organs. The feather on his head looks a bit wilted, he's less than healthy. Still, though, he's more than a bit larger than normal (leeet's say 4'6", although twenty-three would be amusing), and can't be taken lightly; he has Giratina-esque adornments all over him, with a rich black fabric representing tentacles, a heavy golden crown and headpiece, everything you could expect.

So he's on the dinner plate, but with nothing to eat short of digesting his own stomach... instead, he'll settle for giving the audience and judges a jealous glare and accompanying growl (making it obvious that if possible he would make one of them his next meal). He'll consider the idea, eventually deciding that he'll go for it.

He gets this crazed look in his eye as he speeds up best he can, heading in the direction of the nearest innocent bystander... on the way, though, he'll "accidently" use crabhammer. This, luckily enough, summons a prickly, oversized, crimson kingler claw. Skidding to a stop with only a few feet between him, his feast and his (apparently frowned upon) prey, he can only stare in shock for a few seconds. He can eat? Licking his lips and eyeing the piece of meat larger than he is, he'll then use the move straight on what he summoned and also swallow it whole at the same time.

Glare~ Crabhammer (summon crab claw)~ Lick (and eat crab claw)
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Faraday, my Murkrow will be doing this round's appeals. I need her wingtips painted with the glowing chemicals from glowsticks, and I need one wingtip blue and the other a pinkish red. I want the paint thick enough so that it glows brightly and can be seen very well (at least by the judges), but not thick enough so that it hinders flying. I also want all of the lights to be off. She will be sent out on the middle of the stage, not flying.

It'd be totally cool if there can be music playing the the background; namely, Sandstorm (starting in the middle-ish because the appeal is cleaner this way).

And now it is time for a ~RAVE PARTY~

Faraday, start off with an Acrobatics. Begin on the ground and Acrobatics slowly, waving your glowing wings around, then gradually build up to a faster, intense, and awesome light show as the music speeds up. Lift off into the air when the music reaches the 2:29 part (when it shifts to the faster paced thing), if applicable. If there’s no music, just lift off whenever the Acrobatics becomes too fast. Draw cool patterns in the darkness with your glowing wingtips and stuff; make sure to coordinate your movements to the music! Since your wings are glowing with different colors, you should be able to pull off some pretty sweet effects when you do rolls and such. Also, it'd be pretty cool if you can sneak in some subliminal messages like "give Crazy Linoone a 10" or something.

Then, as your dance becomes faster and reaches the climax (or when the music reaches 3:37 if applicable), use Volt Tackle to zigzag across the room like a yellow comet of electricity, flying as close to the audience's heads as possible (if you accidentally zap them, that's okay! Your appeal is just electrifying). This should start at around 3:35 in the video (you can tell because the beats are getting faster). When you've reached the end of the room, pull up, do a loop, and charge straight at the judges as fast as possible. Time it so you pull up and do the loop when the beats start getting even faster at 3:38 in the video.

Right before you smash into the judge's faces, cackle loudly, Faint Attack, and disappear in a puff of blackness. Time it so that you disappear right at the “boom” sound (3:40), if there is music. You should leave a trail of glowing afterimage from the bright Volt Tackle, which will slowly fade away as the music fades.

take off and Acrobatics ~ Volt Tackle ~ cackle and Faint Attack

(Disclaimer: Linoone knows nothing about music).

Edit: Popping in to say that two-colored glow sticks exist!
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I’ll be using Psychopomp, my male dusclops.

Alrighty, Psycho, our selection of moves doesn’t really lend itself to flashy dramatics, so we’ll go for some macabre comedy, instead. I’ll be joining you onstage today, wearing an unzipped jacket (hopefully the weather is more season-appropriate in Asber than Indiana right now, so this won’t look out of place) that’s thick enough to conceal the small props hidden (taped, velcroed, whatever works) inside: a tiny packet of fake blood and a realistic rubber replica of a human heart…

Oh, and if I could have "If I Only Had a Heart" playing, please?

Now then, we‘re going to be doing a little acting; as your face doesn’t really lend itself to much expression, you’ll have to be very physically expressive so the audience knows what you’re feeling. As the music begins, both of us will walk onstage, with me gesticulating and mouthing words silent movie-style, as if I’m trying to explain a confusing concept to you. You don’t seem to be getting it, so I will take hold of your hand and put it over my chest, upon which you will express amazement as you feel the enthralling warmth and beat of the human heart. Who knew humans had something so wonderful inside their shells?

Gesture at your own chest, as if to ask "Do I have one of those?" I’ll look uncomfortable, but oblige your curiosity, leaning down and knocking experimentally against your chest a few times, after which I'll straighten up and shrug apologetically. Act utterly despondent for a few seconds - then narrow your eye in determination, and use Shell Smash, only rather than breaking off little pieces of yourself, focus the entirety of the technique on a single spot on your chest, right where your heart should be, and crack the hollow shell that makes up your body all the way through, allowing you to rip open a chunk of your shell like a small cupboard, giving everyone a glimpse of the void within.

Throughout this, I will act shocked and gesticulate frantically that "You didn’t need to do that! Just because you don’t have a heart doesn’t mean you’re not a great pokemon! I still love you, you don’t have to hurt yourself!" - only to be abruptly cut off as your hand snaps up and plunges straight into my chest. (At least, that’s what it should look like - in actuality, just reach behind my jacket, which will conceal your hand as you pop the fake blood packet and grab hold of the fake heart.) I’ll freeze my face in a humorous confused/pained expression for a moment, then collapse to the ground as you yank my "heart" from my chest.

Triumphantly, hold the pilfered organ high for all to see, then toss it into the hole in your outer shell, hold the little "door" closed, and seal it up using Acid Armor over the cracked area as a sticky makeshift scab of sorts. (If you can, make it in the shape of a heart.)

Dance around gleefully for a moment, then run to my body and hold my limp hand up to your body, as if to show me your new heart as I showed you mine. Your expression and body language should slowly change to read "…whoops," as you realize that, crap, he might actually have needed that… And oh look, there’s an audience! …Who... saw all that… Um, gotta run! Run to the back wall of the stage and phase through it, making your escape… and leaving the heart to fall to the ground, unable to go through with you. Stick your head back out, and give the audience a disgruntled look of "you kidding me?" to wrap up the appeal.

Shell Smash ~ Acid Armor ~ phase through wall
I'll be using Marley the Gastly, with only a dim light that encompasses a chair and a table with a typewriter and a microphone on it; basically, a workstation. If I can't have the chair, that's fine. The desk should have some sort of compartment or drawer. With me, I'll have a fountain pen and a small journal in my pockets.

I'd like you to start out a meter to the side of the desk, invisible. I'll be on the stage, dictating "items one comma five comma seven approved fullwise stop suggestion contained item six doubleplus ridiculous verging crimethink cancel stop unproceed constructionwise antegetting plusfull estimates machinery overheads stop end message"; at the same time, I'll be typing the corresponding words or symbols on a typewriter, looking soulless. Then, I'll reach in my pocket and get out the pen and the journal. I'll write in the journal. The words will be "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER" all the way down the page, but I doubt anyone will be able to see. Whatever.

At that time, I'd like you to use Foresight - scan with the red beam of light. Pass me first, then pan back. At that time, I'll stop writing, look around me, and declare, "Down with Big Brother!" Then I'll put the journal and pen in the drawer. Move into the light, then use Snatch, which will involve you glowing a dark aura. I'll become scared at that aura and shrink and cower. As soon as I've done that and you're finished with your Snatch, grab me, and Wring Out - not at full power of course, but with enough force so that I won't be able to simply struggle from it. At the end of your attack, you'll release me, and I'll collapse on the stage while you laugh evilly.

Foresight~Snatch~Wring Out
That's it! All contestants within this bracket have sent their appeals.

I've got about half of the appeals here written up already; the rest should be done soon. Here's hoping for swift, but fair judgement.
Well, not sure about the other judges in the other brackets, but I went with no music. This may or may not have caused a dash of awkwardness at a few places.


The love between Asber and Metronome is overpowering. No amount of destruction, bloodshed and amusement will ever satisfy the nebulous desire of those who live for the chance to roll moves like Eruption or Spacial Rend until cities whole are swallowed, leaving only the debris and the feeble lawsuits of the survivors.

And that is why not only once but twice did the draw of Metronome bring upwards of fifteen trainers within less than entire days. Alright, even math managed that, but whatever.

Of the total of thirty that were part of the game, ten awaited backstage, eager to lunge for victory -- be it with luck, be it with skill. The Magma Storm Bracket's appeals were about to take place.

The judges were the first on the scene. Metallica Fanboy took a high seat at the back of the stage, with Byrus and RespectTheBlade sitting on the benches to the side of that one.

Janitors and firemen alike carefully took position as the primary judge briefly read the rules. Soon enough, the first contestant showed up.

Derpy and Snap

As Derpy sauntered into the stage, the center of it started to open up, revealing a pool. The audience expected to see a water-dwelling Pokémon... And got a land crocodile instead.

Snap gazed at the pool. She hesitated a bit, disliking the idea of getting wet at all, let alone the possibility of the water being cold; nonetheless, after a while, she managed to dip in rather coyly. Upon getting in, she attempted to keep her eyes and snout above the water, like a water-based crocodile, although her clumsy swimming -- only made functional at all by Metronome's helping -- made that somewhat difficult to achieve.

After this, she crawled out of the pool as slowly as she had gotten in, her short limbs not exactly suited to the task of climbing up the ledge. The Sandile felt a strong urge to get rid of all the water on her, but expected that it was probably necessary to the appeal.

She tilted her snout upwards, gaping mouth throwing open as she released a flurry of tiny shards of ice. A slightly awkward angle, but she managed to get the sparkly frost all over herself by moving into it.

Finally, all of a sudden, her body went aflame as she leapt forward harshly, towards the tip of the stage. The heat of the fiery cloak easily did away with the soaking water and the ice; by the time it was over, there were drops of water on the ground and a couple on Snap, but otherwise, every aquatic (or icy) trace had been discreetly evaporated.

The audience gave Derpy and Snap a round of applause, but it was rather mild -- they were definitely still waiting on the more exciting, explosive appeals.

Metallica Fanboy: 6.8
Not much more than a stint of playing around with a few unusual effects, although the moveset did lend itself that way. I can't help but feel there were more creative possibilities, but, have a rather acceptable score.

Byrus: 6.0
I don't think Sandile is the best choice for an aquatic appeal... Still, it was decent enough, it just didn't really wow me. I don't think ice shard is powerful enough to create much of a display with heat crash, so it sorta felt like a waste of a good move.

RespectTheBlade: 7.2
The appeal sort of half-worked, I guess. The swimming was Ok at best, but it had a nice effect at the end.

Sunflower and Euclid

The next contestant started out with a rather curious move: dragging some sort of object into the stage. It was more easily identified after it was set down -- a tiny model city, with a few skyscrapers standing out.

A quadruped of blue scales and black fur was sent out behind the model. He checked it out with a tentative bite first, then he started growling furiously, sharp rows of teeth mercilessly barren, gums almost flapping. But, strangely, no drool -- not just yet.

Euclid straightened his throat out, as the Metronome magic sent something rushing up through it. Then, as he stepped into the model city -- knocking over and trampling a few houses in the process -- he stretched his head forward, causally dripping yellow, viscous liquid over several spots. Wherever a drop landed, it violently corroded the surrounding area. The corrosions provided tiny amounts of smoke, but never enough at one time to form a significant screen.

Finding his way into one of the sides of the city with nibs and bumps, the Deino proceeded to the next part of the appeal. Taking a stance of readiness, he unleashed a mighty roar, undescored by a harsh, cringe-inducing screech. Awe and discomfort mixed up in all who listened to the fierce cacophony.

After this, a mighty surge of power was unleashed from the Dark- and Dragon-type's upward-facing mouth. Wind swirled around a round vacuum, fast enough for a visible effect -- and also a very noisy one. Rather unceremoniously, he threw his head down, unleashing the Aeroblast against the center of the city.

The windy swipe easily tore the few remaining skyscrapers in half; even after that, the powerful core of the attack sucked the model into itself, bending it and crushing it. Rushing strikes of air furthermore smashed through the tiny civilization.

By the time it was over, the model had been reduced to sawdust.

There was spirited cheer as the spectators were only left to imagine what would it be like if an actual city met the same fate sometime.

Metallica Fanboy: 9.0
That was amazing! Even a legendary signature move won't go over well if it's not at least used with some kind of showmanship around it; however, this appeal took Aeroblast and did something really awesome with it. Easily deserving of one of the best grades this round, if not the best.

Byrus: 8.5
Deino certainly makes for an excellent Minizilla. The moves used flowed together nicely, and you made great use of your options here.

RespectTheBlade: 9.1
A very interesting and attractive performance. The complete and utter destruction with Aeroblast was amazing. That Deino will make a fine (if not terrifying) Hydreigon someday.

bulbasaur and Marley

The lights suddenly faded as the cleaning staff got rid of the debris from the last appeal, giving way to new props -- a desk, a typewriter, some sort of microphone.

bulbasaur emerged from offstage, taking a chair behind the desk. Appearing bored and nonchalant, he took out a piece of paper, propping it on the typewriter.

"Items one comma five comma seven approved fullwise stop suggestion contained item six doubleplus ridiculous verging crimethink cancel stop unproceed constructionwise antegetting plusfull estimates machinery overheads stop end message," he monotonously hummed, typing noises underscoring the soulless music.

After the end of the message, the trainer proceeded to remove a fountain pen and leatherback journal from his pockets. He wrote something down, but did not vocalize it, preventing the audience from knowing what it was.

Suddenly, two red eye-shaped lights revealed themselves next to the desk, casting a scanning glare around bulbasaur. He dropped the objects he was holding, frantically looking around himself.

Fist raised, the trainer proceeded to proclaim "Down with Big Brother!" and stash his belongings into a drawer at the desk.

The unspotted being proceeded to approach one of the stage lights, glowing with a dark aura that gave away its strange, smokelike figure. The dispaly seemed to frighten bulbasaur, as he shrunk and cowered; without hesitation, the apparition somehow took grasp of the victim, violently wringing his torso against his legs.

The trainer collapsed as the hold over him finally gave way. A positively evil laughter then echoed around the stage.

Metallica Fanboy: 7.9
I'm not sure if this was supposed to reference something specific, but regardless, I like it. Mysterious, really capturing that air of conspiracy. The lack of something a little more solid felt a tad jarring, but, otherwise, worth a good score.

Byrus: 8.5
The moves used here went together really well with the story. I especially liked the creative use of foresight, I would have thought that would be one of the more difficult moves to use in an appeal.

RespectTheBlade: 7.2
I once again do not get the reference, but it was an OK appeal. Good use of moves and props.

Crazy Linoone and Faraday

The lights suddenly went completely out as the next appeal was set up. There were last-minute arrangements to be made, and so, it just remained dark and quiet for a while. Relatively quiet, that is -- the children were anything but quiet under that circumstance.

At one point, however, something finally emerged from the stage entrance. It emitted distinct glows from each side -- blue from the left, bright coral from the right. This localized shining allowed for the audience to actually see a few things; namely, the Pokémon entering, and its immediate surroundings.

Positioning himself at the center and realizing that there was no music playing, Faraday started to move around a bit. Quickly, he realized that he would end up spilling whatever was it that his wingtips were covered in if he moved around wrong, and adjusted his motions accordingly -- although they often had to be a little less flashy for that to be arranged.

This became even harder to manage as the Murkrow began to pace himself faster. When he took off, he couldn't help but a let a couple of drops, well, drop, leaving a few bright spots on the ground. Airborne, he had to practice a bit to get a hang of how to not spill everything in this new environment, but nonetheless, managed to keep the acrobatics going -- and he most certainly didn't manage to flash the judges a "GIVE CRAZY LINOONE A TEN".

About three minutes and a half in, the crow Pokémon stopped at the air and gave the audience a gaze. Eagerly but not entirely surely, he swooped, sparks flying intensely from his body as he dashed and zigzagged above the seats. Many of the vieweres were very much startled, but a fair deal enjoyed it.

As Faraday approached the back wall of the contest hall, he felt a twinge of uncertainity, but trusted that it had to be done as commanded. With a soaring loop, he changed the direction of his flight -- not without spilling a lot of glowing chemicals everywhere, though. Surprisingly, no actual person was hit, but the behinds of the chairs and the floor sure were. As the light of the Volt Tackle was fast to fizzle, he was only dimly visible at this point, as little glow remained on his wingtips (though a bit did get caught up in his crest).

He moved back towards the stage, this time with a straight swoop. He aimed for the head referee's face, and showed no signs of slowing down as he approached. With a cackle, he came dangerously close to crashing... And only avoided it by summoning a portal of sorts just in time, disappearing in front of Metallica Fanboy's eyes.

The head judge wondered if anybody accidentally saw his baseball club amidst the madness.

Metallica Fanboy: 6.5
I don't usually ref Faint Attack that way, but I've made a concession last time, so, why not again. Not to mention that I'd have a vested interested in it working that way this time. Anyways. The whole thing with the glowstick stuff felt a tad half-baked for a number of reasons, and overall, I didn't find this a really good appeal.

Byrus: 7.8
Shame this one didn't work out quite as planned, but it was still a pretty show. The wild and dangerous nature of the first two moves really lent themselves well to the risky finishing maneuver.

RespectTheBlade: 8.9
A fun appeal to watch, but the splattering of chemicals wasn't that fun. Still made good use of the moves you were given, and it was an ok light show.

Chiropter and Psychopomp

To the relief of all, the lights were once more set to a normal level. Chiropter and his sendout -- an almost equally tall, vaguely humanshape creature of a single red eye and dark grey, thinly striped body -- took the stage.

The trainer, kneeling slightly in order to match his Pokémon's height, appeared to be speaking, but none could hear it. Hand placed about the critter's neck, he was casting an honest look and seemed to be having an important conversation. However, Psychopomp didn't quite seem to get it, casting a doubtful gaze and rubbing his disimbodied hand against the back of his "head".

Sighing, Chiropter held the Dusclops' light grey hand, placing it over his chest -- around the heart. The thick fingers could be seen clamping the trainer's jacket a bit tightly as the Ghost-type detected something unfamiliar. A steady beat, a certain warmth...

A little overcast, the cyclops Pokémon pointed at a rough equivalent of a chest area in himself, expressing doubtfulness. Chiropter seemed a bit uncomfortable, but nonetheless, he took a few experimental knocks against his critter's carapace. Loud thuds echoed from these attempts; it was audible that there was nothing but hollowness underneath.

The phantom's, well, spirits were crushed with the realization, as seen with a defeatist stance and mopey gaze... Which swiftly gave way to knuckles closed tight and eyes narrowed, filled with determination. One hand floated towards his chest, delivering an echoing punch. After the blow, he tightly gripped the struck area, ripping it open to reveal eerie, dark blue-purple light.

The audience gasped aloud, and the trainer seemed every bit as shocked. Hands frantically stretched in an apologetic stance, he seemed to be trying to explain something, but his words were wasted on the relentless Psychopomp. Unfettered, he stuck one of his hands into his master's chest, releasing a bursting noise as his clutch tightented behind the jacket. Chiropter's expression and body went limp as the Dusclops retrieved a heart from his master, hefting it triumphantly for all viewers to behold.

Taking care not to let his all-absorbing body consume the trophy organ, the beckon Pokémon placed the newgained heart into the hole in his carapace. He then retrieved the removed piece of it, stitching back in with some strange liquid -- ironically leaving a vaguely heart-shaped contour in the process.

After a stint of highly uncharacteristic stomping and whooping, the phantom turned to his fallen trainer, holding up his hand to the cardiac mark, reversing the display from the beggining of the appeal. Soon enough, however, he noticed that Chiropter was out cold and not likely to wake up anytime near -- perhaps those pumpy little things are necessary for human vitality? Whoopsie.

Also taking note of the increasingly horrified spectators, Psychopomp proceeded to clumsily rush for the back wall -- his lack of speed completely showing -- and then phasing through it. As he did so, however, his heart remained behind. After leaving the room, he popped just an eye back in, taking note of the solid object's inability to travel across walls. A mix of disappointment, sorrow and sheer rage was visible in the Dusclops' single eye just before he left.

Medical staff rushed into the stage then, only for Chiropter to knock right awake and gesture for them to calm down.

Metallica Fanboy: 8.3
That appeal was excellent. Beautifully dramatic, highly expressive and quite creative. My only protest is that it's also incredibly gory, which audiences wouldn't really appreciate. Nonetheless, the sheer artistry warrants a good mark there. Also, thanks to this appeal, I can't stop being freaked out by the Dusclops I'm trying to train in Emerald.

Byrus: 9.5
I really enjoyed this one - very creative and darkly funny. Your Dusclops is a great actor for a Pokémon with so little facial features!

RespectTheBlade: 8.7
a bit gruesome, but a creative and interesting appeal. You are okay, right? If so, congrats. A great appeal.

Meursault and Bass

The stint with light was only to be brief. The lights went out once more, leaving only a few dim lamps around the seats for a modicum of visibility.

Soon enough, a sparkly noise -- something like an effect somebody would unecessarily add to a glow in a television programme or movie -- sliced through the nigh-darkness. Much as the spectators scattered their sights around, however, they couldn't really see anything different.

Their attentions were all turned back to the stage, however, when flames sprouted, circling around a now highly visible body of rotund shape and bushy indigo fur.

Noticing the looks all over him, Bass couldn't help but grin as he stared at the fire, aiming to time his most important move without fail. With a large gulp, he let the Metronome magic work -- and it didn't have much trouble, considering the amount of indigestible junk lying around in his stomach -- producing an unsanitary, semisolid goop.

With all the might of his badly abused windpipe, the Munchlax blasted the toxic sludge through the blaze. Containing highly volatile toxins, the nasty mess was lit up, although the audience would not see it clearly before it crashed into the Barrier at the edge of the stage.

The big eater Pokémon bowed as the viewers were treated to the splattered, burning grime. Quickly enough, the fire brigade had to be cued in, so as to contain all the flames.

Metallica Fanboy: 7.0
A few neat effects with fire can always be appreciated, and the moveset didn't seem to lend to itself to anything more complicated. I feel like there could be better, but, this appeal did well enough, I suppose.

Byrus: 7.2
Well, that was explosive. Needless destruction is always nice, and the flashy chaos made for a good show, though the barrier didn't really seem to add much.

RespectTheBlade: 6.6
erm... well, the flames were cool. The splattering against a barrier and smelly toxins weren't as cool, though.

I Liek Squirtles and Luke Skywalker

The audience was briefly disappointed as the few lights still operating gave way to darkness. This was quelled, however, when a single spotlight threw on. Under the localized light, a strange, roughly humanshape Pokémon of turquoise colour and oversized head was sent out.

Colourful-digited hands raised to the sky, Luke Skywalker opened his act emitting a bright as a backdrop of the Milky Way crept down behind him. The spotlight somewhat upstaged his mystical glow, but it was visible nonetheless.

After gathering the power of the cosmos, the Elgyem pointed down, exerting much Rock-type power. Bits of rockbed far beneath the hall suddenly sprouted up, crashing through everything in the way -- including the stage's floorboards -- each one giving off an indigo spectre.

The floating stones circled around the alien Pokémon at his command, moving around him in varying orbits. His sparkle lit the rocks in away that looked similar to sunlight on a planet's surface. Then, the whole system started to rise while the backdrop was slowly rolled back up.

Luke gave the crowd an eerie goodbye wave before being recalled. The spotlight went out then, stopping the audience from seeing the AncientPower stones drop back through the stage.

Metallica Fanboy: 7.6
You really managed to capture a theme there. You didn't do a lot with it, but what you did sufficed for a solid appeal.

Byrus: 7.0
Not too much to say about this one. The first two moves flowed together nicely, though the finish seemed a bit lacking.

RespectTheBlade: 8.4
Very nice use of Cosmic Power, plus it fits in with the theme of your Pokemon. A great appeal.

Mawile and John

The lights were a little brighter, but still dim, as the next performers took the stage. The trainer remained away from audience sight, revealing only a small mammal in blue-gray clothing, akin to combat gear, over his brown fur. He stood on his long, striped tail.

A medium-sized doll was placed to the left of the stage. It was clearly meant to represent the undead, although it blurred the line between a few kinds of them -- a wight, perhaps?

"It's time for me to live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES." A voice suddenly boomed all around the stage. John appeared to have said it, although it was also unmistakeably coming out from loudspeakers around the hall -- perhaps the critter had a hidden microphone on him?

In the meantime during which the audience tried to make sense of the speech, the Sentret leapt off his tail and started to sprint on his teeny tiny legs -- not very efficient, but he could do it.

"Zombie ghost! LEAVE THIS PLACE!"

Extensions of Metronome Energy rose from John's claws as he lunged for the doll's neck, choking it tightly.

After a few seconds of grapple, however, the Sentret, displaying some degree of hurry, backflipped off his prey -- clever use of tail involved -- as the claw extensions receeded. "I have to kill fast and strangling is TOO SLOW."

With Rock-type force, John removed some chunks from the back wall of the stage, manipulating them remotely. With a few motions of his hand, he had the updrafts converge into the monster's head, easily lopping its head off.

Victorious, the Sentret hurled the carcass of his defeated enemy offstage with a telekinetic force. He moved to the center of the stage and cast his gaze upon the audience.

"I must kill the next boss and live up to FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!"

Metallica Fanboy: 7.5
Working with references always carries the risk of people not getting them. Me, I'm familiar with the source, but pretty much in name only (well, that, coupled with a little visit to TV Tropes Wiki in the spirit of research). But the sheer over-the-top factor that it lends the performance does confer a more universal flavor of humor to it.

Byrus: 7.4
I gotta admit, the thought of a Sentret in combat gear trying to strangle a zombie doll is pretty amusing. I guess the main problem here is that not everyone will get the reference, and the moves used didn't really gel together that well. Still, it was a funny re-enactment of the world's greatest fanfic.

RespectTheBlade: 7.4
I, uh… Don’t get the reference. However, it was a solid appeal. Very cool use of combat and linking moves to destroy the prop, and making it seem like your pokemon was talking was also cool.

Superbird and Quabbel

Once more, the hall became a notch above pitch-dark, the audience knowing the rather predictable frustration over constant changes in lighting. Blue spotlights cast an artistically colorful illumination upon the pool which opened up once more at the center of the stage.

Camouflaging well against the light blue tiles of the pool, Quabbel was hardly, if at all, visible. The crowd expected to see what Pokémon would be going in there -- instead, all they got was a somewhat difficult to hear sound, clearly coming from under water (and as such disturbed by this passage), but somehow still pleasant to the ears.

For about three quarters of a minute, the song went on.

By that mark, the contestant suddenly sprouted from seemingly nonwhere, splashing water everywhere as he made his presence known just above the surface of the water. The blue spotlights made little other than blue visible, but just fine, the Pokémon's light blue, delicate skin and dazzling (although soaked) tunic fitted that bill.

The Frillish continued to sing. Much more audible now, the viewers could take note of the distinct beauty of the music... Although it was underscored by a note of ill omen. In spite of that, however, when it stopped, the floating critter merely took a respectful bow before the judges.

Metallica Fanboy: 7.0
A bit messy, in my opinion. While the actually using Splash for something was a neat touch, you didn't seem to really account for the fact that you were starting underwater, as that interferes both with the tunic and the song. Maybe you could have worked something up from Fake Tears?

Byrus: 6.2
A solid enough appeal, but it seemed a bit generic. Frillish is a good choice for a beautiful or mysterious appeal, but this one just didn't seem to go anywhere, and the move repetition made the ending a bit of a let-down.

RespectTheBlade: 8.6
A wonderful use of a rare and beautiful move. Plus, I’m impressed you found a way to make Splash useful. An amazing appeal.

Mai and Taxxon

As before, the last few lights operating stopped, giving way only to a spotlight on-stage -- a bit less bright this time, though. Some bizarre, bright white object was dragged in; close inspection revealed it to be an oversized dinner plate.

From nonwhere visible, some strange apparition came into view. His green skin seemed stretched to its limits, covered in black, red or golden adornments -- evoking Giratina, as any legend-savvy spectators could tell. Overall, he looked frail and tired -- even the yellow feather on top of his "head" looked wilted. In spite of this semblance of weakness, however, there was also an underscore of primal rage.

Climbing atop the plate, he cast a menacing, overpowering gaze over the audience and judges, accompained with several growls resemblant of a viciously rumbling stomach. It was clear that Taxxon was hungry, and it seemed eager to eat the first thing he laid eyes upon (although, for some reason, the plate and floorboards were being spared).

Now directing his glare at one specific, unfortunate sap, he began sauntering his way towards the seats. Just as he reached the edge, however, something materialized from Metronome energy -- an orange-read, crusty pincer, about as large as the Gulpin, who stared at it greedily.

An immaterial tongue ran over his lips before he stretched his uncanny mouth open -- nearly blowing all of his decor away -- swallowing the Crabhammer in one savage gulp. He gave a satisfied burp before being recalled.

Metallica Fanboy: 7.1
The idea of using the Crabhammer as food was quite creative, but I feel that it didn't execute too well -- it felt somewhat tacked on. Bonus points for the uguutina reference, but, not much more than that.

Byrus: 8.2
Nice use of crabhammer there. Taxxon is one fine actor too. Well, I hope he was only acting, 'cause I don't like the thought of anyone getting devoured by a hungry green blob.

RespectTheBlade: 7.5
Hmm… The performance was one of the most unique I’ve seen here. It worked out alright, for what it was.


Sunflower: 26.6
Chiropter: 26.5
bulbasaur: 23.6
Crazy Linoone: 23.2
I Liek Squirtles: 23.0
Mai: 22.8
Mawile: 22.3
Superbird: 21.8
Meursault: 20.8
Derpy: 20.0


Close combat right off the bat! A few points more or less could have changed plenty. There are few givens when it comes to Metronome, I suppose.

Congratulations, Sunflower, Chiropter, bulbasaur, Crazy Linoone and I Liek Squirtles! Whether it was by good fortune or pure skill, you have advanced to the next round.

As for Mai, Mawile, Superbird, Meursault and Derpy: as I always say, better luck next time. Literally.

No word yet on whether we go for the second round now, or wait on the other brackets; at the moment, we wait, if only because no decision has been made yet. Either way, I'll start rolling shit up at the earliest note.
Bleh, I was hoping the barrier would act as a sorta strainer thingy and split it into a bunch of little embers. :( oh well
Oh, and bulbasaur's appeal was a 1984 reference.

But hooray! I'm happy mine went over well! OuO

hahaha I totally forgot that Deino has no teeth :B derp
"Items one comma five comma seven approved fullwise stop suggestion contained item six doubleplus ridiculous verging crimethink cancel stop unproceed constructionwise antegetting plusfull estimates machinery overheads stop end message" is a direct quote, even, I am disappoint.

(I am also a huge hypocrite but that is irrelevant okay)
Oh, and bulbasaur's appeal was a 1984 reference.
As I am now told several times over and, at two points, given profound disappointment over. Never knew dystopian novels were so popular over that other hemisphere. That, or a lot of people had that as school literature.

But thanks for the heads-up, anyway.
Again, I express my infinite disappoints. My disappoints are unending, overwhelming, heart-wrenching. I am sure you feel the shame.
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