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I Have a Problem!


New member
Okay, so! This Saturday (26/11/11) I have to attend a Pokémon-themed fancy dress party. This is problematic for me because I don't have a costume!!!! SO THIS IS YOUR TASK: give me ideas for a relatively cheap and easy to put together costume? plz?


Machop+ are out of bounds, so is vulpix. ANYTHING ELSE GOES

I am considering going as ursaring because my friend has a monkey onesie which I may be able to borrow, so.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Jigglypuff? Go inside a large rubber ball, paint it pink and everything else that a jigglypuff has.

Hmm, Squirtle! Get a large shell, and paint your head, arms, and legs blue.

Gardevoir! Dye your hair green, get a long, flowy white dress.


Let's all go to the festival!
I like the Gardevoir idea.

If you can't get anything else, go commercial and dress up as a Pikachu.


New member
I'm probably going to go with arcanine! I can buy a tiger onesie and some other stuff! BUT keep the suggestions coming


Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
Shuppet! Get an old sheet, cut some eyeholes into it, paint it black. Then, put a funnel or something on your head to make a horn, then throw the sheet over yourself.

Or if you want something from the original 151 (which I assume you might, since this seems like the sort of party that normal people who never played Pokemon past RBY go to) then just do the same thing as with Shuppet, but replace black paint with brown paint, cut a hole for your nose as well as your eyes, and try and find a red nose. Instant Diglett.
edit: oh, and wear sunglasses under your brown sheet to make it look like Diglett's beady little black eyes.


The fact that someone is holding a Pokémon-themed party makes the world a better place

I demand pictures

as for costume ideas, i say charmander. get some orange and yellow fabrics and there you go


New member
I'm going to two Pokémon themed parties next week! I like the diglett idea, actually! I probably won't use it but it's great to have in the future if I get bored of arcanine. :D
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New member
One is with the anime society. It's a joint social with the Japanese society, apparently. I'm not a member of either society because I don't really like anime and I'm not a particular fan of Japan or Japanese culture. I'm only going to that one because my friend is the vice president of the society and since I have to buy a costume for the party on Saturday anyway I figured I'd go to both parties!

One is a birthday party organised by some friends, though. :P

(ps cardiff is p cool)


New member
I went to Sainsbury's dressed like it, too! But it's okay because where I live is full of students so this sort of thing is perfectly normal.