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I'm back!


would like to go to Arizona
Now we just have to be active, I guess. Posting and such.

Oh and hi. I didn't know very many people from here in the first place, so yeah. Welcome to the new forum.. and stuff.


feeling nostalgic
Thank you! FerrousLucario, I love your avatar. XD How do you change your username like in the old forum? Turns out I'm look like I'm trying to be an impostor of a mod who's username was Eevee. Accidentally, but I want to change it so people stop calling me that. Just my luck. (Or lack thereof.)

Lorem Ipsum

At the moment, I think you'd have to ask an admin to do it for you, because there doesn't appear to be an option in the User CP.


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
Of course, it's not like the lack of that option could possibly be because the forums aren't open yet and I've yet to install all the hacks. -_-;

Erindor the Espeon

How do you do? Pleased to meet you. I'm Erindor.
This is quite old. I haven't given you an official welcome! No!

Anyway, here it is:

While we wait for Castform to give his song, I have made one as a dare from 'Truth or Dare'. Here it is: *Takes deep breath*

Welcome song for T-Cod:
"Happy, happy welcome! From all of us to you!
Welcome to the forums, we hope you don't smell like poo!
Happy, happy welcome, (slower) from all of us to you...
(Fast) Happy happy welcome, T-Cod welcomes you! Hey!"

>> Uh, a bit retarded...
Got it from Truth or dare. Had to make it.