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wants to play mafia
So I'm sorta curious as to what the general Kpop opinion is here. Like? Love? Hate? I myself LOVE Kpop. My favorite group of all time is NU'EST, but BIGBANG and U-KISS are up there too. Don't even get me started XP

So what do you think?
UGH. >.<

I get fucking bombarded with the stuff on a daily basis. *lives in Asia*

Sorry, but the very mention of K-pop just annoys me.
I... like the two songs I've heard from Girls' Generation. And that's it!

I should probably try to listen to more but my friends were in a huge phase a few years back and that put me off of it for a while....
I listen to k-pop sometimes. I'm not particularly into it, but my friend keeps showing me songs and I do like some of them, so I put them on repeat while I work. I just generally like Asian songs, though.
Due to spending so much time in Vocaloid music I...

Don't think I've ever listened to Kpop. orz

SeeU doesn't get that many songs you see, and I always prefer indie artists over manufactured ones.
K-Pop? Is that, like.... a type of pop? [/captainobvious]

I really couldn't give any sort of opinion on it, seeing as I don't even really know what it is.
I like k-pop in the way I just like pop music in general: it's catchy as balls. Also the dance routines are really fun even though i'm. shit.
My only real experience with K-pop is when the guys who made the AP test thought it would be a good idea to put a K-pop song in it. Which was really unexpected and everyone had to laugh.

It was pretty good though! Wish I knew the name :/
I've heard some Super Junior due to my tae kwon do place, but other than that I haven't really heard any K-Pop.
I went through a bit of a K-pop phase that ended last year. Lee Hyori, Rain, DBSK, Big Bang, and Super Junior are the artists I remember most. It started when I started listening to BoA's (still listen to her) Korean songs, so basically on off-shoot of my enjoyment of J-pop. Now I just listen to Rain and BoA.

I've tried listening to SNSD/Girls' Generation and did not like it.
I've tried listening to SNSD/Girls' Generation and did not like it.

Eh, I have to agree with you there... I don't like many girl groups, their music is just too... I dunno. Bouncy or something. That said, After School is nice sometimes.
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