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Lair De Qwilfish


World of Glass
Your site sucks. Here's why!
It's just a forum.
I really don't care about your forum. At all. If you hadn't noticed, I'm already on at least one. Yours is, in all likelihood, absolutely nothing special, and I have no reason to go there. In fact, I kinda resent that you are trying to direct time away from this forum so some massive group of ten people can accumulate on yours and.. do absolutely nothing they can't already do here.


New member
I would just give him a chance with his forum before shooting him down. :/ After all, the colors are halfway decent (at least they don't clash and make you want to rip out your eyes, but they could do with some work) and the background, although a simple addition, isn't what you see everyday in your yadda-yadda-here's-a-board-I-made-in-ten-seconds forum.

The marquees I think are... interesting, to say the least. However, I would remove it because it's distracting to see a big blob of bright colors constantly in motion at the bottom of the screen.

The forums are missing a banner, so you can make one in a simple Photo editor and replace that with the top marquee.

All in all I actually see some potential.


Actually more of a harmour fan
Yay, an ASB forum!

Anyway, nice. I would say, uh, I actually don't have recommendations. I just like your site.


New member
Hotlinking is not good.

Remove those images that are scrolling at the top, being a thief is not what you would want to be known as, right?