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League Championship 2011

Does a Pokémon still take poison damage on the turn it's switched out, and does the accumulated damage from severe poison remain the same?
You mean do the pokémon continue taking poison damage/have their toxic damage go up when they're not on the field? No to both.
At this point in the tournament, do absence sheet posts only give you an extra week or do they grant an indefinite timeframe?
Dig yes, but it takes more energy than usual; rock tomb and other rock attacks no, unless you've already broken the ground up a bit.
If there's anybody who would be willing to fill in as referee for my battle against Byrus, I would really appreciate it.
If no-one volunteers, I can try, although the reffings may be slow. I'll prioritize your battle, though; hopefully that'll make it go a bit faster.
Yes yes that sounds good. Negrek, could you have that arranged?

(in all seriousness no, I don't require that, I'd like to think I'm less of a pennypincher than res is!)
being less of a pennypincher than res is nothing to be proud of.

like, there is fundamentally no meaning in being less of a pennypincher than res.

is something like saying that a negative is less than one.
I'm willing to fill in, but until March 19th I'm not going to have much spare time to ref quickly. You can feel free to edit the pay as you see fit.
Since I, um, actually sort of volunteered, I could do it! I don't need any sort of special pay, and I'll at least try to make it quick.
Hmm, well, could you maybe take a shot at it, Mai? You sound the least unsure/booked out of the people who spoke up.

Many thanks to (most of) the rest of you who volunteered, though. :P
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