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League Championship 2011


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By tradition TCoD's Tournament Organizing Committee prefers to look outside Asber when planning events, allowing trainers a chance to get out of Asber and enjoy exploring the pokémon world at large. This year the buzz is all about Unova, and the region itself is eager to attract foreign trainers. A place as expansive and diverse as Unova offers a wide variety of battling opportunities, and the tournament planners think they know just the thing to show them all off: a city-hopping tour of the region, with each location lending a bit of its local flair to the fray.

TCoD ASB 2011 League Championship

Been a while since we've had one of these, am I right? As ever, the League Championship hopes to have the distinction of being an ASB tournament that actually finishes and honors the best player in the league with the title of League Champion. The odds of this happening aren't stellar (pay no attention to those other tournaments and contests behind the curtain), but the 2009 tournament has actually come significantly closer to completion than any before it, so if we can improve on that we could be in good shape.

In any case, the basics of the tournament this year will be quite similar to the one in 2009, starting with opening rounds designed to be quick and simple and later progressing to larger, more intricate battles. The first two rounds will run with a strict three-day DQ for both battlers and referees. These should take place when the majority of the league is on summer break and people therefore have the time to get on to give commands or ref rounds. Posts in the absence sheet will get you an extra seven days' grace; if you need to be gone longer than that, you can send commands for later rounds to be executed while you're away. Also, there may be a "late bracket" run after round two the same way there was in 2009 to fill out the final rounds with the correct number of players, so if you can't keep up the pace in these opening rounds, you might have the chance to get in on the game later.

This tournament is open to everyone in the league. I will put a cap on the number of players if I think there will be too many to handle, but I don't expect that to happen. The more referees the merrier, although I've kept my reffing plate pretty clean and can handle a large number of battles. Please only offer to referee if you can prepare a round within the three-day limit, though. The primary problem with the last league championship was that I didn't hold the referees (myself included) to a reasonable pace, and I'm going to try much harder to keep things moving along in this tournament. Also, because we have an unusually high ratio of new to established referees, I would prefer for the sake of consistency that the referees for these tournament battles be rated at Advanced level or higher; if there aren't enough referees in that group who can help and some novices willing to volunteer, I'll take them.

The tournament structure is as follows:

Round One
20 Battles
Winner: $10
Loser: $5
Referee: $15

Round Two
10 Battles
Winner: $20
Loser: $10
Referee: $15

Late Bracket
3 Battles
Winner: $10 winner
Loser: $5
Referee: $15 referee

Round Three
5 Battles
Winner: $20, 1 rare candy
Loser: $10 and 1 rare candy
Referee: $15

4 Battles
Winner: $30, 1 rare candy, and any buyable 5th-gen pokémon w/dreamworld ability
Loser: $15 and 1 rare candy
Referee: $20

2 Battles
Winner: $50, 2 rare candies or any buyable pokémon w/dreamworld ability
Loser: $30, 1 rare candy, and any buyable 5th-gen pokémon w/dreamworld ability
Referee: $35

1 Battle
Champion: $75, 2 rare candies, any buyable pokémon w/dreamworld ability, special grand prize
Loser: $50, 2 rare candies, any buyable pokémon w/dreamworld ability, special slightly-less-grand prize
Referee: $60


Squornshellous Beta
Big Red Cherry Bomb
Kratos Aurion
Karkat Vantas
Grass King
Blastoise Fortooate
Lord of the Fireflies
Metallica Fanboy
Crazy Linoone
Doctor Richtofen

Late Bracket Participants



Squornshellous Beta

Round One Pairings

Crazy Linoone vs sreservoir
Mendatt vs Griffin
Whirlpool vs Blinkingsky
bulbasaur vs Squornshellous Beta
Big Red Cherry Bomb vs zeKieranator
Mawile vs Mai
Meowth vs Lucas755
ole_schooler vs SomeGuy
Effercon vs Pathos
Lord of the Fireflies vs Byrus
Kratos Aurion vs Superbird
Coroxn vs ultraviolet
Negrek vs RK-9
Metallica Fanboy vs Grass King
RespectTheBlade vs Glace
blazheirio889 vs Doctor Richtofen
Karkat Vantas vs Barubu
Ampharos vs Blastoise Fortooate
DarkAura vs moon-panther
Chiropter vs Aethelstan

Round Two Pairings

ole_schooler vs Crazy Linoone
Negrek vs Chiropter
Moo vs Byrus
Mai vs moon-panther
Big Red Cherry Bomb vs Whirlpool
Ampharos vs Grass King
Lucas755 vs Kratos Aurion
Karkat Vantas vs ultraviolet
blazheirio889 vs Mendatt
RespectTheBlade vs bulbasaur

Round Three Pairings

Mai vs Kratos Aurion
Negrek vs Byrus
Ampharos vs bulbasaur
blazheirio889 vs Whirlpool
ultraviolet vs Crazy Linoone

Late Bracket Pairings

Skylark vs Hawke
Wargle vs Kusarigamaitachi
Windragon vs Zhorken
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Sign me up as a player; I'll hold off on offering to ref for now because I'm not sure I can promise to stick to a 3-day DQ period and i also suck
Well, if we are supposed to post here to sign up, then consider me signed up as a player. Even if I get eliminated early on, the experience will be good.
Looks like fun. I'll sign up. As a player, clearly.
Edit: Pleasepleaseplease, don't let the matchups be based on signup order...
I'm going to die. I am to-ta-ly going to die.
Last edited:
Entering. Will probably offer to help ref depending on when exactly this is supposed to start (I do have a later and shorter summer break than most, after all).

brb buying every pokémon with limber so no more parahax
Entering. Will probably offer to help ref depending on when exactly this is supposed to start (I do have a later and shorter summer break than most, after all).

brb buying every pokémon with limber so no more parahax
It starts June 1st.
Right, hurp, best reading comprehension.

...meh, I dunno, then, I still have another week or two after that and I'd really rather not have any school on my plate. Maybe I can help with Round 2 if you need it.
I'd... probably be willing to ref if you think I'm good enough. But probably not.

So either way I'll be battlin'.
If there is room for battle, I'd like to be a player.

...and if you need the numbers for ref...I can try.
Sure, why not? Sign me up.

Uh, I'm Advanced, but I have the worst ref schedule ever. Maybe it'll improve during the summer, so possible ref?
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I'm in, please.

And I would ref, except for the small fact that I've got a lot of summer camps this summer and not much time for it.
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