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London Expo

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London Expo is a bi-annual comic/manga convention that boatloads of people attend every year, for the uninformed.

Is anyone going? I'm considering it because for the first time I'm actually close enough to be able to take an affordable and fast trip to London (14£, about an hour, I'm in Leicester), and I've got two artists I'd like to see if I can work up the courage to go talk to them. Plus, opportunity to go to London and see friends stationed there and go to a musical! Hurrah.

I wouldn't be in costume, I think, because I don't have that much money right now, but anyway.


Oh my god, come!!! A bunch of us are going this year, I know myself, opaltiger, Dannichu, Butterfree, Mhaladie are definitely going to be around on the Sunday, and I think Espeon too? Plus maybe someone I've shamefully forgotten.

Apparently there are interesting guests going to be around this year? To be honest the two times I've been I haven't really got involved with who's there and use it as an excuse for seeing people :D ONE DAY I will cosplay. I will I will I will.


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Ew, let's not turn this thread into a US-based pity party.

I would go but going to London is really expensive and I can't really afford to skip classes to come down :B
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I'm going! I'm there all weekend, which is cool. c: I just have to save on expenses by, er, not eating. As much as possible.


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So, who wants to buy me tickets to the UK? Anyone? No one? You sure? Damn.

Should be awesome this year from what I've heard. I have a friend going who is recording everything that ever existed... should be a decent remedy for not going because you know I'm... coughAmericancough


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I probably could go, but nobody I know irl would, and I'm not popular enough here to hang around with you guys :P

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I probably could go, but nobody I know irl would, and I'm not popular enough here to hang around with you guys :P
It's much more fun going alone. That means you actively look for people to hang out with, and it's easier when there are people who look sillier than you. Just take a camera, ask for a picture, then compliment the outfit. Voila, icebreaker.


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The Expo is also my birthday and everyone should come and give me lots of love and attention :D

In seriousness, I'm looking forward very, very much to seeing everyone who will be coming (if you'd like to PM me for my number, to make meeting up easier?), and hope that more people will be able to make it next time :)