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NaNoWriMo 2009

Uggh. I'm entering this new week a little over 2000 words behind, and things aren't looking good.

I fear that my "work on the weekends, focus on school during the week" plan isn't going to cut it anymore. But how can I work during the week when school is such a terrible, draining, soul-crushing experience? I must find a way. Between 3:30 and 5:30, all I will do is write.

Let's see how this goes. :\
So I actually went to the write-in today/yesterday. There were only two other people there and as a result I didn't get a slew of caffeinated strangers to yell at me like I'd hoped, but one of the two was another student at my school and she was also a nerd so it was pretty cool. Got over 3000 words done, too, which is a lot considering that I've been content with just the required ~1667 a day.

...I still hate just about everything they serve at Starbucks, but hey, I might go again.

(team a is still winning you sorry slackers ahahaha)
Somehow managed to have another "get lazy and do next-to-nothing" day... but then I randomly started working on Zack vs. Optimus Prime again between 11:30 PM and just now. I'm not finished with that one yet, but I'm now (finally) over 25,000 words... which still makes me a full day behind. Damn.

Fanfiction.net's word counter says that I was around 25,500 before I even started on Match 12. That might be a bit more accurate than my "counting shorter chunks myself + occasionally pasting big chunks into NaNoWriMo's official word-counter-thingie" method... so who knows, maybe I'm really not that far behind!

And, even if I do catch up before then, I'll probably be behind again by the end of the week. Why? I won't be able to get much, if any, work done this Sunday... because I'll be wandering around in Washington DC the whole day, looking at all the different museums and stuff. Or doing odd things like bowling, ice-skating, and eating little bits of food in a bunch of random restaurants, depending on what kind of group I end up tagging along with. If anyone here happens to live in the area, and you see a fat guy with glasses wearing a gray coat and shorts and going to museums and such with a few other college-age people... that's probably me.
NaNo's word counter counts too low, IMO--I don't use it. It thinks, for example, that "ten-year-old" is one word when there's no reason you shouldn't get credit for three. Since I tend to include a lot of hyphenated words (and the occasional slash) when I waffle, I don't like it condensing my count like that. If you don't use a lot of non-alphabet characters then NaNo's counter might not be too far off, but I noticed gaps of two hundred words or more between the NaNo count and the count I got from various other sources for both this year's novel and the last. Do not want, thanks.

...of course, the word counter I found this year and was using up until a little while ago not only considered ten-year-old three words but considered, say, "doesn't", two words, "doesn" and "t" separated by the apostrophe, and that does inflate the word count artificially. I stopped using it and had to write extra on the day I found out so I wouldn't be behind.
NaNo's word counter counts too low, IMO--I don't use it. It thinks, for example, that "ten-year-old" is one word when there's no reason you shouldn't get credit for three. Since I tend to include a lot of hyphenated words (and the occasional slash) when I waffle, I don't like it condensing my count like that.

I noticed this and started writing "ten hyphen year hyphen old" to make up for the fact that the site's counter actually lessened my word count from what Pages had. :V
Hello there.
I finished my Nano yesterday. 50022 words. :>

I'm not even half finished with the story, I'm just so sick of writing without any breaks. I'm taking a vacation to culminate some more ideas.
I'm like, a day and a half behind, but almost to 35000. I look forward to Thanksgiving break so I can write my ass off and get done with this.
Thanksgiving break: 5 days of PURE WRITING ACTION. Not even my new xbox (!) will be able to distract me from this.

It's not that I'm waay behind: on the contrary, I'm doing pretty well, only like two days behind right now! It's just that, at 35,000 words, my story is maybe almost half over. And I really, really want to finish before the end of November, so...

As expected, the DC trip ended up making me fall way behind on this thing... I was around 33,000 by the end of Saturday and I only just went over 33,333 today (so I'm caught up with... where I should've been at the start of the weekend.) I'll be almost 5000 words behind within the hour.

But, since I have no school during the Thanksgiving week, there's still a chance I might be able to catch up and maybe actually finish 50,000 words in time.

Currently working on match 15, Yakko vs. Big Bad Wolf. I actually wrote ahead and finished Dordonii vs. Puss in Boots earlier, so the next thing I'll have to do is the second "Intermission" chapter (which will be a lunch break for the characters.) Probably going to be pretty damn long, too, which should help me catch up to the target wordcount.
Feh, you kids and your five-day Thanksgiving breaks.

Went to another write-in (ahaha lol the girl next to me recognized the Kabutops on my wallpaper yay more nerds) and managed to get caught up--spending time wrestling with my computers and our internet made me fall a little behind, but 's all good now. The plot outline is slowly starting to fall together, too--I don't know that it's going to do me a whole lot of good for NaNo itself since I'm just hopping around writing whichever scenes come to mind, but when I start revising and making the thing halfway presentable... yeah.

Also, today at the write-in I discovered the awesome that is PyRoom. Well, I suppose full-screen distraction-free writing in general, but PyRoom was the quickest one to find and install on the ol' Ubuntu laptop. If you haven't already tried one of these things, do it. Now. It's like Write or Die without the "RAWR I WILL EAT YOUR WORDS AND SING HANSON AT YOU" and it really does make most distractions that much easier to ignore.

See, see? I wrote an entire crappy newspaper article in PyRoom today, complete with very professional journalistic notes in the brackets thur.



Lower Meltokio pawn shop owner Miss Marlene Vann, 32, of [insert address here god I still don't know why they do this damn you Dashiell Hammett], was reportedly found slain in her shop yesterday, [I'll figure out the date crap later]. Police say that the body was initially discovered by a Mr. Johnathan Hart, of [lalalala again with the addresses], at 7:54 yesterday evening when he entered the shop. Mr. Hart says that Miss Vann's body was slumped over her counter in a pool of blood; Mr. Hart claims that he did not venture in too close for fear of disturbing any potential evidence or concern that the attacker or attackers might still have been present, but says that it appeared as though Miss Vann had been stabbed multiple times with what may have been a knife and that several items had been disturbed, as if in a struggle. This claim is supported by several other witnesses, who came to the scene after Mr. Hart left the shop and called for assistance.

The scene was vacated shortly after Mr. Hart's distress call and the Meltokio Police Department, doctor and coroner's office were called. Mysteriously, however, by the time officers arrived on the scene of the crime Miss Vann's body appeared to have vanished. Police searched Vann's shop and the immediate area and were unable to recover her body or locate anyone who might know its current whereabouts, what happened to it or why. Mr. Hart and the other witnesses present at the time all claim to have been waiting outside of the pawn shop for the police to arrive, and none were able to provide any answers about the missing corpse. All attested with certainty that they had in fact seen Vann's bloody body precisely where Mr. Hart had stated it was. The police have told the *Herald* that the number of witnesses involved gives them enough reason to believe that the story is true, however bizarre it may be, and their efforts are currently centered on locating the body and any suspicious persons as well as examining the crime scene.

Full details have not been made available to the *Herald* at this time; however, the police have stated that a preliminary investigation of Miss Vann's pawn shop has revealed that a violent struggle seems to have taken place, indicating that Miss Vann may have fought back against her assailant or assailants. The police are unable to determine at this time whether anything from the pawn shop is missing or has been stolen; MPD detective Blake Donovan says that, at the very least, nothing large appears to have been removed at this time.

No suspects have been named in this apparent attack, nor have any of the witnesses seen any unusual persons in the vicinity of the pawn shop during the possible time frame of the crime or since then as of this printing.

As the body seems to have gone missing, Coroner Manfred R. Fitzkatz is at this time unable to give a statement concerning the cause of Miss Vann's demise, other than that the amount of blood found at the scene indicates that a stabbing death is highly likely.

Police have been unable to reach and are, in fact, not aware of, any family members or friends of Miss Vann in order to inform them of her disappearance or speak to them about any possible leads.

Anyone with any further information about the events that took place last night, or about the current whereabouts of Marlene Vann's body, is urged to contact the Meltokio Police Department at once to assist in the investigation and the apprehension of the criminal persons involved.
Feh, you Americans and your Thanksgiving breaks.

... No really that extra time would be amazing. My teachers have some kind of supreme bad timing syndrome, I think; I've had at least four essays set to do this week.


On the other hand, I'm vaguely on schedule (!!) and we have some weird 'Flexible Learning' days Thursday and Friday this week, and I've opted to help out in the Art classes - they're going on trips for most of each day so with any luck I'll have some extra time for all this work. Woo.

My story itself is picking up, though. c: Got through the slow middley bit and just figured out the beginnings of the ending in time to start it. Yessss.

... @Team C - halp. Come on, don't give up now you've started~!

(I ended up having four friends from school signing up too - they all dropped out, though. One got to 35,000ish, though...!)
I just managed to write exactly 250 words into a single sentence.

I'm not sure how I pulled that off.


34,000 words, 2,000 of which come from reviews of the Lion King and Wall-E. :x

Here's a sample of the horribleness just so you can get a feel for how uninspired I am.

Janine really loved her site; she loved going there and looking at the layout and reading her own reviews (something which Adam jokingly called ‘narcissistic’). She was proud of herself, and why wouldn’t she have been? She had made a website, something she had thought was only in the domain of the highest elite people.
The goal was to make a good website, which she noted was significantly harder than making a website. Adam told her that she had to update her site as often as possible with new material. She shrugged it off.
“I’ll come up with it when I come up with it.”
“I’m just saying, you have to treat this like something you’re going to take seriously. This website is for other people, not you, so you have to think about the needs of those other people. You’re not going to get any visitors if you’re lazy, so you have to think about new content. Of course, you need to update your old content, too.”
“Whoa, slow down, you’re really overwhelming me with all this!” Janine blinked. “I’ll take it one step at a time. I haven’t even started advertising yet. My site is going to be really awesome when I show it to everyone. I’ll update it a lot. It will be consistent and pretty. You’ll see.”
“I should hope so. I’m saying this because I have seen many good sites go down because the owner lost interest. I don’t want this to happen.” He rested his cheek on his fist. “Hm… how about this. Think of your site as a baby. What happens when you don’t pay attention to a baby?”
“…it cries?”
“Yeah, and if you don’t pay attention then, it dies.”
“That’s morbid. It sounds like something Lydia might say.”
“But true! Think of your site as a baby now; if you haven’t updated in a week, it’s going to be crying. If you haven’t paid attention to it at all in a month, it’ll be starving. If you go any longer than two months… your site will be a dead baby.”
“That’s really not a nice thing to say at all.”
“If it helps you get on track, I don’t care what I have to say. Site equals baby. Okay?”
Janine did not take kindly to the comparison of her site as a baby (who wants a baby, anyway?) but decided to treat it as such. For about a week, she made daily updates about something; if a new movie was coming out, she covered it, if she’d seen a movie, she’d reviewed it. She was certainly on the ball for that week, and if she could have sustained that pace, it would have been incredible.
Unfortunately, once the honeymoon period was gone, Janine slowed down with updates. She didn’t have any visitors yet, so she decided that she didn’t have to update every day. Her updates became every other day… and then every week. She felt disappointed looking at her site – there were other, much prettier sites out there with more information, too. How could she compete with that?
She considered e-mailing Adam and saying, “Take my website down. It’s not going anywhere.”
However, thinking of Adam reminded her of the baby metaphor, and she looked at her site again and thought about taking it down. This was the site she made to ‘improve the internet’, the site she made and labored for and read books for. She had spent so much time on it, slaving away during late nights and early mornings to make her layout just right or finish that review. Was she going to give in and say, “This is too hard for me”? Was she a quitter?
That was Janine’s resolve – she was going to make this website, and that was final.
Plan for this five-day weekend:

write at least 1,000 words by 1 o clock. write at least 2,000 words by 2 o clock. etc, etc, until you get to 10,000 words, then you can take a break for the rest of the day. I can be a little lax about this plan on Thanksgiving Day, in order to celebrate the festivities, but not anytime else. >(

obviously, this means that my novel will end up being over 50K, since this whole plan calls for 50K in that single week. well, yeah, basically. I'm at 37,000 words and my novel is definitely not 74% done, so either I have to keep writing in December (which I do NOT want to do, my goal was to finish one novel that I can be proud of in November) or I have to go over. obviously, I am choosing going over. :)

edit: well I made it for the first day! 10,000 words in one day! BALLIN
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I started out today with around 34,400 words and stopped, after finishing the very long "lunch break" chapter, at 36,800-something. Which means I somehow managed to write 2400+ words in around 8 hours, and passed by two daily target wordcounts; I'm around the point I should've been at the end of Sunday now.

Still behind, but... not quite as far behind. Heh. If I get into the 37,000s/maybe approaching 38,000 before the night is over, and I can pull off another couple of these "write a buttload" days, then I might actually make it to 50,000!

well, not necessarily you. me. I'm the winner. I won NaNoWriMo today. :)

still got a lot of work to do in November though, because I'm finishing the novel before the month is done (see earlier post).

50,000th word was "not".

Last couple paragraphs were:

Chapter 8: Lake Limerence said:
Warm Onion was doubled over on the ground. Blood leaked out of both sides of its mouth, where Puppy Dog had not seconds ago reached in with its long, individualistic tentacles and flailed around, knocking Warm Onion's teeth all around, the physical pain too much for the poor grey creature to bear.

"Panda Bear... you know you want to come with me..." Puppy Dog whispered seductively, crawling across the concrete block to where Panda Bear sat, a trail of slime dragging behind it, its head lowered to the level of Panda Bear's.

Panda Bear did not move a muscle. His tongue flickered in and out. Delicious. The Dream World. He was trying to escape now, leave this World, go into the Dream World? How had Warm Onion said it was done? Without going to sleep?

Panda Bear could not go into the water, even though the still, tranquil pool looked so inviting. It was a trap. It would kill him. Delicious did not

and then it's 50K. WOO

So yesterday I realized that I was about a day or two behind, but I didn't do anything about it because it was Thanksgiving and there was no way in hell I'd be able to get anything done with family visiting and food comas and all that. I told myself that it wouldn't be too hard to catch up and get back on track later--I could easily just blow it off and spend the day chasing after my two-year-old cousin and eating awesome ham without worrying about it. Then after a little while I thought: hell, why don't I just finish tomorrow? Last year I was panicking about being pretty far behind all month and so I killed my fingers bashing out 6600 words on the 28th to finish up; ~8800 words on the 27th, and that after I've been in a pretty good mood about NaNo the whole time this year, shouldn't be too hard, right?


It wasn't. :)

50254 words, and that was without giving in to the temptation to expand all of my contractions and remove all hyphens with find-and-replace. The vast majority of that 50254 is... uh... what will probably end up being the first four or five chapters after I've cleaned them up. All of those scenes will be much, much shorter in the rewrite and I know I'm not even close to done, so that's about four or five chapters out of thirty to forty-five total, I'm guesstimating. Damn, 50000 words and I got all of nowhere. Ah, well. It's a great foundation and it was fun.

Anyway, I think I'm going to stop there now. (Not that my word war team needs any more help from me, mwahahahaha.) It's full of god-knows-how-many continuity errors--the hotel is a restaurant is a hotel again, the perp both does and doesn't have an alias and none of the conversations line up with any of those that preceded them--and the plot outline still isn't done, so there's no point in beating that poor, sad little dead horse. Instead I'm going to take a break, take an axe to the outline until it's actually usable and then start a new draft from that later. And I'll probably actually do it this time, too. I keep meaning to clean up last year's NaNo, but it just doesn't want to happen; I'm seriously enjoying this idea and really want to work on it, though, so I don't think my enthusiasm will go pffthhbbt as quickly and I'll be able to get it done. :)

Right! So! Everyone else keep going--you can do it! Even if you're crazy behind, just take a moment to look at last year's thread and see the awesome come-from-behind victories some of the other people had. I'm going to rock out to the Heavenly songs I downloaded the other day and go treat myself to ice cream, soda and more awesome ham. Which isn't terribly healthy, but dammit I actually wrote some fiction, I managed to stay on top of things the entire month without falling too far behind *points and laughs at Kratos-a-la-last-November*, I even finished a day earlier than last year and I fucking deserve it.

*blasts Spill Blood on Fire out of the laptop*
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