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[OPEN] Battle Facility Choice Pokémafia


bastard of puppets
[OPEN] Battle Facility Choice Pokémafia

Fingers crossed that I didn't dawdle so much with this as to let the entire mafia spirit dwindle...

-72 hours on all Day or Night phases.
-No communication about this game outside the thread unless otherwise specified by your role powers. That includes reading private discussion between other players when you have not been granted communication with them.
-Abstaining is open level.
-Don't post screenshots of your role PM or any other confidential game PMs (such as night event updates or private communication), although direct quotes are fine.
-This is a Choice game. When signing up, post in this thread to choose a character from the battle facilities in Pokémon, such as the Battle Frontiers, the Battle Subway, etc. It can be just about anyone, from important NPCs such as Frontier Brains, to the "owned, sucka!" owner (in case of characters like the latter, linked pictures would be polite to add). Note, as always, that alignments will be assigned randomly no matter the chosen character, it will only impact flavor.
-The Synergy mechanic from Pokkén Tournament Choice Mafia is returning to this game, now rebranded as the BP mechanic. To wit: each time a player targets a player (or multiple) with a night action, they will gain 1BP, and each a time a player is targeted by a night action, they will also gain 1BP. Each role has several actions that can be performed by expending BP; these are First-Tier Actions, Second-Tier Actions, and Max Actions, each with a higher BP cost compared to the next -- but also often boasting stronger possibilities! Additionally, there's a small change from the previous iteration: all players will gain 1BP at the end of each Night Phase, along with the other usual acquisition means.
-This game will also be featuring a new mechanic: Facility Rules. Some of the roles will have the ability to establish them, and usually but not always, the ability to repeal them with the same action. When a Facility Rule is established, it goes active at the end of the phase, and from that point onwards, the effects that it lists are applied to the whole game. The active Facility Rules will be listed publically at the beginning of each Day, as will be the amount of BP spent to establish them; repealing an active Rule costs at least the amount of BP spent to establish it plus 1.

The setup will need at least 12 players, but as many as 16 are welcome. About a week should be a good amount of time for signups, but we'll likely be open for longer seeing as this format leaves me with a lot of flavor to write into role PMs.


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Re: [OPEN] Battle Facility Choice Pokémafia

I live in Fear

Anyways: Caitlyn! From the...castle? I honestly never reached any of the battle frontiers....


Still loves Joltik, though!
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Re: [OPEN] Battle Facility Choice Pokémafia

Hmm, I don't really do battle facilities. Tower Tycoon Palmer?


sorry guys, don’t lose
Re: [OPEN] Battle Facility Choice Pokémafia

I honestly never reached any of the battle frontiers....
bruh me too

but uhhh yeah let's do castle valet darach. love that guy. barely even remember him