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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


sorry guys, don’t lose
Okay so I haven't played this yet but I really want to :o


also if one of you lucky suckers ; ; people got it already please put spoiler stuff in
I downloaded the demo from the 3DS eShop and played through it??? From what it let me see, the plot seems a lot more simplistic than other Mystery Dungeon games. I dunno for sure though; I only got through one dungeon and was about to start the second when it cut me off so I can't really judge hahaha

The 3D models that replaced the sprites are kinda nice (although everything's a bit oversaturated imo). But the grid's kinda weird, there's so much space in between characters aaaugh

Could turn out to be interesting, but not promising enough for me to buy the full game :U

Well, I saw the demo, and it looks nice! I just have nostalgia for sprites (I don't know how I'll live through X/Y) so. But if it's a simplistic plot then it'll let me down severely :(

Though you probably can't judge through the demo, so.
idk, the first game's first dungeon was "please rescue my baby". I mean, Time/Darkness/Sky gave you tons of plot, but still.
the demo really impressed me, and the magnagates seem fun (though a bit temperamental). Only thing I don't like is the decreased amount of pokemon available throughout the game.

also DLC gives me a bad feeling for the future of pokemon games :c
the demo really impressed me, and the magnagates seem fun (though a bit temperamental). Only thing I don't like is the decreased amount of pokemon available throughout the game.

also DLC gives me a bad feeling for the future of pokemon games :c
I'm remaining optimistic that Game Freak won't resort to DLC. I also really doubt I'll buy any of the DLC for this game, but I snatched up Poké Forest while it was free.
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! I hadn't seen much DLC for this, but I guess it's from me living under a rock, heh.
I've played through some of the game. Not as plot-heavy as Explorers, but I'm overall enjoying it.

Also Virizion is a total bitch. (Not sure if spoiler, putting it under a tag to make sure)
!!! Cool.

If it isn't as plot heavy, though, I'm a bit disappointed. :c I heard that it's super pretty, though.
The graphics are soooooooo pretty. And so many waterfalls and grasses and Flareons and flowers to show that!! I don't mind that the plot's slow to start, there's a lot of new stuff to learn and lots and lots of pretty things to look at!

I really like the new mechanics! (I don't know if anyone else cares about being spoilered for mechanics but I care a lot)
Levelling moves is really neat and it makes it actually useful to use your moves a lot! I think they actually start out kind of weaker so that levelling them can be allowed (I have level III Thundershock and it has 28 PP, apparently the real PP number is 30), but that's fine, those moves would be too tough otherwise anyway, I think. I tend not to use moves much at all on my own if I can avoid it because I don't like running out of Power Points! And then I run away from monsters and have less fun. I have the same problem in, like, Final Fantasy games and really liked when II had move level ups! I keep running out of PP because I'm having fun getting move experience and I don't mind! I might actually use Max Elixirs instead of keeping a million in storage.

Also facilities yay, yay, yay, yay, yay. Again about using items I feel lots better about it when I have special buildings dedicated to getting more of the items! It doesn't make the game *easier* like it always seems like it should, just less likely to cause hoarding. I can use as many Oran Berries as I like, I can get more from working on my Oran Berry field! Only two every few days but that's plenty so that I feel happier about using my berries.

And the diving facility!!!! I'm excited to know if there are any more mini-game facilities Starmie is really cute. It says "Yay!" a lot. I hope there are it would be lonely just to have one. Also can I make multiple diving facilities and dive lots of times a day?! I don't know. Maybe!!

Plus I can grow the facilities and paint them (!!! I painted one red it was the only colour I could make.) and they're pretty and go in pretty tree and pond spots and it's a good excuse to have fun doing short missions with short-term rewards! Especially with Companion mode yay, yay. There's plenty of stuff to collect for them, I'm happy about it!

Also Pokemon can evolve mid-dungeon. I don't really know if my own team can but it was really exciting and scary getting attacked by a Klink that turned into a Klang that turned into a Klinklang. I died! And then died to a Toxicroak and a Lampent, whoops. I had a really hard time collecting those Spring Waters for the diving facility. But it was fun!! They only evolve if you let them kill one of your friends, and there's a warning on dungeons where it can happen, so it was basically my own fault. Also the dungeons have been pretty short so far, so I don't mind dying that much.

Also it's really neat in dungeons how there are some non-dungeony floors. You get to walk around in a pretty outside area and knock over logs and things! There are still Pokemon but they're just wandering aimlessly and only fight you if you bump into them. Which basically means that if you doddle then you'll get in a fight because your team mates suddenly run off and crash into the enemies (they don't know any better!) but that's alright, there are only a few and they're not that mean.

Also all your friends gain experience when you're in dungeons, so it's never tough to get someone to catch up when you want to switch team mates later. It surprised me when it first happened, because all my friends were level 2 still so I thought it wasn't working for some reason. But then when I took them into a dungeon it went "[Pokemon] has grown to level 14!!" They grow all their levels as short as it takes to grow one level! Not like in the main series where it'd do one by one. Learned moves are still one-by-one but that's the only choice and that's way funner than one-by-one levels.

Also is everyone aware that it's multiplayer. Not just rescues but actually running around in dungeons together. I haven't gotten to try it yet because no one else has the game, but it's exciting!!
There's this thing called Companion Mode (and then you switch to Sparky Mode or Meowy Mode or whatever you named your main character to go back out) and you can't be the main characters in it, instead you be all your friends! And you can open up the gate to Paradise (your home area) and your friends can join over wireless and race around with you! I opened the gate and it said P1 in a bubble above my head. And also it said something like "we're making you appear alone without your other team mates to make room for your friends". Then you can pick a mission to go on together! There's even a thing called a Challenge Board where you can't bring team mates and they're apparently extra-hard. You're meant to bring your friends!

Also there's a thing called the Passerby Post where you put Reviver Seeds inside and if someone dies they can get a Reviver Seed from you over Street Pass if they call SOS.

I don't know much about the story, yet! I only just stumbled over the main plot. So far there've been a lot of similarities since it's the same thing about you're a human turned into a Pokemon.
So you still meet your partner who needs you to help em start a team, and then you go and save your first Pokemon and try to buy a house for your eventual Mystery Dungeon team. And you still have mysterious dreams (the one with a Munna running at the very beginning if you're reading this and forgot).
But the other stuff is new and interesting!!

The stuff before the "main plot" is cute and I like it! There are a bunch of friendship and trust themes and you quickly run into someone who seems super-nice but then steals from you and attacks you!!! But then you make friends and help him recover, yay! He turned mean because he got physically hurt and couldn't work anymore (he felt like). Then there's Virizion who's all anti-friendship until you show her that maybe friendship could be real afterall.

Also it's cute when you save Swadloon from getting a birthday present for his mom. Except there's a mysterious part and I don't get why the characters are keeping it a secret!!!

And also now I've met Umbreon and the cards and Magnagate stuff sounds interesting and we have to go save Espeon!!! The part where Umbreon bored everyone to sleep was weird I don't get it, he wasn't being super-technical?? (that was what he said he was being) And it was new exciting stuff, why did my main characters even fall asleep. Also Umbreon's injured!! And people are chasing them to get the cards!!! But not chasing Umbreon at the moment, hm.

I can't tell yet how good the plot will be but it's definitely not non-existent! I assume it'll be at least as involved as Red's - the whole entire point of Mystery Dungeon is that it has a proper story. And they can't have been oblivious to the adoration of the Explorers story. I'd be happy playing it without that much story, though, it's really fun! (and really pretty) I'll be sad too if the story is boring and pointless (though I doubt it) but I don't regret getting it either way.
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