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Pokkén Tournament

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
Pokkén Tournament

I just got the demo, and I think it's pretty neat. I'm bad at these kinds of fighters, but I think I can finally get into the genre.

So thoughts, tips, your mains?
Re: Pokkén Tournament

If I had a Wii U I'd probably get it, but I don't so I won't. It looks like it's great fun though, if there was an arcade somewhere near me where you could play it locally I'd probably go to that. There are some Wii U games I'd get later if the NX is backwards compatible, but not multiplayer games since there's a chance their servers will get shut down like the Wii and DS ones were. So the same for this and Splatoon, really.

But even though I haven't and probably won't play it, here's some things I've thought about it:

I do wonder why they chose the roster that they did. I know for the most part they're ones that are popular in Japan, but what's with Pikachu Libre? Is Chandelure that popular - I wouldn't be surprised if it is since it's a pretty cool Pokémon, but I've not really seen huge amounts of attention given to it before.

I'm not sure who I'd play as. I haven't played fighting games pretty much at all before so I can't tell from just looking who I'd want to play as. I kind of want to give Suicune a try, but I think I'd probably prefer a faster character.
Re: Pokkén Tournament

In the demo, you can play as Pikachu, Lucario, Charizard or Gengar (in addition to two support sets consisting of Emolga and Fennekin, and Cubone and Diglett). My favorite has to be Lucario; I've managed two perfect rounds with him, God knows how.

Do you guys think there'll be any DLC?
Considering it's an arcade title, I don't think there'll be any paid DLC; maybe we'll get lucky and get free DLC instead.
Re: Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén is pretty awesome! Tough to get the hang of at first, but once you have a fighter under your belt, it's fun. Myself, I'm packing a mean Sceptile, and I'm doing well with Pikachu Libre too. My favorite Support Set is Reshiram/Cresselia, both for the strategical utility and because I always laugh at the noise Reshiram makes.

What I found most strange about the roster was the amount of Fire-types. There's even more of them than there are Fighting-types, which would be the type you'd expect to be the most common in a, well, fighting game. And, well, one of those is Chandelure. Despite that particular frequent note, though, they did do a pretty good job of giving every character a very unique moveset -- even the two Pikachu play much less alike than one might have expected.

It'd be really cool for some DLC characters to crop up, paid or otherwise, but since the existing roster is already so well done, that might be a little much to hope for. DLC stages seem likelier -- and less exciting, since there aren't very drastic differences between stages, even if the scenery is beautifully made all around.

PS.: Also, before I pass up a perfectly convenient oportunity to drop the bomb, I've been getting plenty of ideas for a Pokkén Mafia setup. Something like that might just spontaneously crop up on the forums soon...
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Re: Pokkén Tournament

I want this bad, but I don't think I want to shell out for a Wii U just to play it. The Wii I bought was a complete waste of money and I'm still kind of bitter about that, so I think I'm just content to watch Let's Plays of it for now. The graphics are definitely really pretty. Sorta amused about Chandelure as it seems like a very random pick, but I'm not complaining.
Re: Pokkén Tournament

So I've had this (possibly silly) question since this game was announced, and maybe someone can shed some light on it... but why is it called Pokkén and not Pokémon? Is there an actual reason, or was it just that this is supposed to be a completely different game and there's a different name to reflect that?
Re: Pokkén Tournament

It's a combination of Pokémon and Tekken, one of the big fighting game franchises. IIRC it was at least partially developed by the same people. Storywise it's entirely a Pokémon game, but mechanically it's supposed to be a crossover/very similar to a Tekken game.

It's pretty fun, yeah! I'm also absolutely awful at really technical fighting games with all this combo emphasis (like, the only thing I know about playing actual Tekken, or at least whichever version was in the pizza place arcade back in the day, is that as long as your opponent is also incompetent you can generally win by picking Eddy and mashing buttons), but I figured I might try and learn a bit with this one. I've only played a few times so far due to being busy, but I'm rather enjoying blaziken, garchomp and braixen, and sceptile was pretty fun as well once I figured out how its attacks actually worked.

PS.: Also, before I pass up a perfectly convenient oportunity to drop the bomb, I've been getting plenty of ideas for a Pokkén Mafia setup. Something like that might just spontaneously crop up on the forums soon...

Re: Pokkén Tournament

Ohh I feel like I had heard that but forgot. That makes sense.

Maybe I will try it someday when I get an actual system that's more modern than the regular DS xD It sounds fun. I feel like I'd end up button mashing rather than following any particular strategy.
I wish I could play it. Fighting games are awesome! Plus, this one is POKEMON themed.....that just makes things even cooler :D

This and smash bros ultimate would be amazing to own when i get my switch lite.

Was gonna pop an eulogy for when I hoped this game would get fgc mindshare but then I ACTUALLY searched it & the pokemon company championships still got over 150k views in 2019 👁👄👁
(& 60k in 2020 which lets be real is PRETTY GOOD!!!! thats sixty thousand discrete people for a game we probably all assumed was dead lol)
So now everyone has to just deal with me dumping a monologue here 4 yrs after the fact cuz I got no one else whod listen to it

I watched through a few now but this is truly the one that deserves 4 million
Just a couple rounds shows you how it goes.. starts 5min in I think

I think Pokken as game design was absolutely killing it, the sheer range of the characters blows away what a normal fg with (invader zim laugh) pitiful hoomans can cobble together*, & I think this vid illustrates that so clearly.. it is actually a joy to watch gengar spin & dance around, & the wildly different movesets just exemplify each pkmn so clearly. Just like the main games, the type elements are so understandable & it is just great seeing them translate into these logical & vivid terrain attacks. And it's so good seeing the support pokemon actually add strategic value, I feel like that a unique element only this franchise could offer (I know smash bros has supports but it's obviously a little more random.. here you see them pick supports & deploy them mindfully, & you can see how they use it to force the opponent into certain positions.. the sheer new combinations that must introduce.. brilliant stuff)
I say all this but cant actually play fgs LOL so for me this all adds up to a foremost comprehensible watching experience. Pokken has a uniquely clear gameplay language that effortlessly strips away the barriers to parsing the player-side moves & predictions, & that lets me understand & respect how skilled they are.

*Makes me think I should look into street fighter lol.. I know it's less realistic than tekken, just never picked it up though

Anyway after this it seems mewtwos & pikachu libres dominated the meta so thats the end of the interesting stuff 👁👄👁 Mewtwo is just like watching some dbz game (big ups to all my boys who play dbz, no shade, how can I when you tell me about dbz CONSTANTLY). First rule of fgs: all the most anime characters eventually float to the top sigh

On this note im actually so hopeful also the pokemon moba has some competitive depth, same appeal watching players make use of territory & pull predictions, no point being optimistic though eh? Hahahaha
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